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Our HeroesHype Patrons are an integral part of our community, and we want to give them a special thank you for their support! The HeroesHype Patreon directly supports our ability to run amateur tournaments, and to bring you the best events at Heroes of the Storm LAN events.


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Legendary Hyperion

  • Adam B.
  • Michael M.
  • Nathan T.
  • Paul T.
  • Sean M.
  • Stephen H.

Mythic Hyperion

  • ghostDunk
  • Coffee
  • Tali
  • Janos C.

Rare Hyperion

  • Andrei H.
  • Angie L.
  • Anna F.
  • Brad M.
  • Camden G.
  • Jamie R.
  • Jen J.
  • Joseph M.
  • Juan M.
  • Lauren W.
  • Michaela M.
  • Philip C.
  • Rob C.
  • Todd L.
  • Vichel
  • Zilhan

Friend Tier

  • MurdaRG
  • John-David C.


  • Jeff M.
  • Steve J.


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