NA Weekly Recap – HGC Phase 2 Open Division Cup #7

IT IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END! The final Open Division Cup for 2018 has come and gone! We have secured our point standings to go into the playoffs next week! Our top 4 teams from tonight will all be flying their flags come next week as with PSISTORM Gaming’s visit to the Grand Finals alone secured an overall top 8 finish. Necrodancers, Freebirds and Scythe Esports all qualified prior to this cup. Now, just because it was all set, doesn’t mean the cup wasn’t exciting! What do you say to a no-Warrior-composition? How about two double “Support” compositions in the same match? Well if that’s not enough to get you excited for Scythe Esports versus PSISTORM Gaming, I don’t know what will!

Game 1 – Sky Temple

Scythe Esports Bans – Genji, Diablo, Blaze
PSISTORM Gaming Bans – Abathur (1st), Medivh, Sgt. Hammer

Scythe Esports Picks – Maiev, Dehaka, Deckard, Raynor, Arthas
PSISTORM Gaming Picks – Hanzo (1st), E.T.C., Malfurion, Tyrael, Greymane

And game number one is on the…..well there was already a takedown. The first takedown happened 16 seconds into the game! Both teams played nearly identical games; camps captured within seconds of each other and lane presence being matched in every phase. Scythe Esports only just managed to edge out PSISTORM with some bottom lane pressure and secured Level 10 first and use that advantage to take the Boss. That Boss led Scythe on a warpath: more takedowns, a Keep destroyed, Bruiser camp invasion, Temple control and lane pressure that extended far beyond just the bottom lane.

At 12 minutes in, Scythe Esports briefly led by four levels. They held on to the substantial experience lead and kept the majority of PSISTORM Gaming distracted while Dehaka flanked to the Core with an army of minions behind him. Dehaka singularly struck down PSISTORM Gaming’s Core.

The winner of Game 1 was Scythe Esports!

Game 2 – Infernal Shrines

Scythe Esports Bans – Genji (1st), Maiev, Anub’arak
PSISTORM Gaming Bans – Sgt. Hammer, Diablo, Garrosh

Scythe Esports Picks – Deckard (1st), Medivh, Tychus, Xul, Thrall
PSISTORM Gaming Picks – Sonya, Raynor, Auriel, Tyrael, Tassadar

No Warrior composition? Double “Support” compositions? Yeah this game has got you covered in the draft! The early game was much closer, though for a fraction of a moment, the early game looked like it was going in PSISTORM’s favor as they claimed the first Punisher. But Scythe had other things in mind after stealing a Punisher from right underneath PSISTORM Gaming, 40 – 39.

The sustain, wave clear and Medivh were just too much of a force to be reckoned with for PSISTORM Gaming. Tack on Thrall’s solo lane pushing and Xul’s ability to press a lane, enabled with Deckard and Tychus, there were just no tools left to deal with this type of composition. PSISTORM tried, but Scythe Esports is just a team eating machine.

PSISTORM took action to try and swing things in their direction, but when things didn’t pan out their retreat was always with Scythe Esports’ snapping jaws on their heels. After Xul summoned the Punisher by himself, as PSISTORM tried to make something happen, the first Keep of the game fell.

Game 2 winner, and Cup #7 winner, Scythe Esports!


There you have it everyone! For everyone who participated in the cups this phase, thank you! I look forward to you all joining back in the cups next year. With that in mind, let’s talk about the playoffs! The Top 8 teams by point standings are:

  1. Scythe Esports
  2. Freebirds
  3. Reborne
  4. Necrodancers
  5. Divination
  6. PSISTORM Gaming
  7. TLR
  8. Firm Handshake

Be sure to tune in September 3rd at 6 PM PDT on as these teams battle for the right to challenge one of the HGC teams for their spot in the Heroes of the Storm HGC.

Thank you for reading and keep a lookout for the summary of the playoffs next week!