NA Weekly Recap – HGC Phase 2 Open Division Cup #6

We are back, baby! Cup #6 has come and gone and I’m more excited than ever for the future of the North American Open Division and the HGC.

They’ve slapped a new coat of paint on Wrong Orcs and from that we have gotten Scythe Esports. After being in the last 5 cups, it’d be hard to believe they wouldn’t make it for this one. Necrodancers also made a return; standing solidly on third place this week. New teams joining the final four were Divination and PSISTORM gaming! This one cup alone puts Divination in the thick of possible playoff teams, while PSISTORM gaming will have to come up big next week if they hope to make the playoffs!

But enough of that! We’ve got a Grand Finals to recap! It is time to light the lights and start the fights between Scythe Esports and Divination!

Game 1 – Cursed Hollow

Scythe Esports Bans – Genji, Diablo, Anub’arak
Divination Bans – Dehaka (1st),  Hanzo, Illidan

Scythe Esports Picks – Muradin, Abathur, Zeratul, Kharazim, Li-Ming
Divination Picks – Maiev (1st), The Lost Vikings, Deckard, E.T.C., Greymane

Game 1 started off with a bang and showed Divination’s ability to hang with the best of North America in the early game. The best part was seeing Divination’s early game with The Lost Vikings. They were the first to Level 10, as you would hope when running The Lost Vikings, but also the first to claim a curse and gain a significant structure advantage even by the 8 minute mark.

Scythe Esports attempted to catch their opponent off guard when they checked on Divination’s Boss attempt as an attempt to get back into the game while being about two-and-a-half levels lower. Divination did lose E.T.C. early into that engagement, but with the low respawn timers and his pseudo-global ability with Stage Dive, he was back in the fray quickly.

The Cow jumped over the moon and landed right on top of a monk.

The late game was all Scythe Esports. They cut Divination’s experience lead an inch at a time and held on for dear life for the entire match to get their opportunity in a Level 18 to 20 fight. With one amazing Void Prison by Nessper, Scythe Esports turned three takedowns into a boss and the destruction of the core.


Game 2 – Towers of Doom

Scythe Esports Bans – Chromie, Genji, Anub’arak
Divination Bans – Dehaka (1st), Sgt. Hammer, Illidan

Scythe Esports Picks – Muradin, Abathur, Zeratul, Kharazim, Hanzo
Divination Picks – Deckard (1st), Maiev, The Lost Vikings,  E.T.C., Greymane

With nearly identical drafts, I believe the phrase is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Both teams feeling very comfortable with their drafts thinking they have the edge over their opponents. Scythe Esports once again favor the late game and rest their victory on getting there. It hasn’t been uncommon that they turn around the game near Level 16 throughout the Open Division Cups.

The race to Level 10 was also nearly identical to Game 1: The Lost Vikings successfully soaked without giving up many deaths, Divination secured more early takedowns and held on to the objective lead. But I got the sense that Scythe Esports didn’t want to leave their comeback until Level 18 this time. Well, it may have been a brutal triple takedown which told me. Despite how convincing that fight was for Scythe Esports, Divination would recover and bring it back to a back and forth teeter totter skirmish where Scythe Esports just barely skirted defeat …

Stand your ground!

Only to have it happen a few moments later. Divination took a game off of Scythe Esports and tied the series!


Game 3 – Infernal Shrines

Scythe Esports Bans – Yrel (1st), Genji, Sgt. Hammer
Divination Bans – Diablo, Deckard, Stukov,

Scythe Esports Picks – Maiev (1st), Medivh, Garrosh, Ana, Hanzo
Divination Picks – Blaze, Alexstrasza, Raynor, Johanna, Greymane

What. A. Bloodbath. Scythe Esports was tired of letting Divination set the pacing of the early game and having to fight their way back into the game. They just wanted it all.

The early game was much closer than it had been in the first two games. Scythe Esports even saw the lead for some time pre-Level 10. Neither team had a real advantage until Scythe Esports scored a few takedowns which led to the first Immortal for them. The Immortal’s structural push and additional takedowns would spell the beginning of the end for Divination. As the bodies began to stack up, Divination’s hopes for pulling this one back fell hard. Going from 4-1 takedowns in favor for Scythe Esports at nine minutes to 26-3 by minute fifteen could only mean a brutalizing end to the series without much fanfare.

It is Closing Time. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

Game 3, and the series, goes to Scythe Esports!

Last Stop, Cup #7

We’re down to the wire and only a few teams have a chance to prove themselves and clutch out one of the eight slots for the Open Division Playoffs! And to do so, they’ll have to come out next week and put ‘em up against the best talent North America has to offer.

It has been truly fantastic to watch all of the teams grow and adapt and provide some wonderfully entertaining in Heroes of the Storm.

Thank you for reading the NA Weekly Recap! For a breakdown of points following Cup #6 visit and click the “Standings” tab.