NA Weekly Recap – HGC Phase 2 Open Division Cup #4

Welcome to the Cup #4 of Phase 2’s North American Open Division!

This is Open Division Cup #4 and the points are starting to separate the frontrunners for the playoffs. North America is also getting closer to stabilizing their top 4 teams as familiar faces appeared again this week in the forms of Wrong Orc, Freebirds, Reborne and Necrodancers. And as North America does, it was another rematch between Wrong Orc and Freebirds in the grand finals. Our third place match saw Necrodancers and Reborne duke it out again but this time, Reborne was able to clutch the win.

Here are the highlights from our two-game grand finals between Wrong Orc and Freebirds.

Game 1 – Cursed Hollow

Wrong Orc Bans – Genji, Yrel, Jaina
Freebirds Bans – Hanzo (1st), Abathur, Zeratul

Wrong Orc Picks –  E.T.C., Blaze, Rehgar, Raynor, Falstad
Freebirds Picks – Dehaka (1st), Deckard, Diablo, Greymane, Fenix

The early game had each team even in experience but gathered in slightly different ways; Freebirds with takedowns and Wrong Orc with soaking. But as soon as the first curse came and expired, Freebirds cranked it up to eleven with a two Bboss play and claiming the first Keep in under ten minutes.

The map was painted red for Freebirds and yet, Wrong Orc kept up in experience and muted everything Freebirds had worked for shortly after being put at such a disadvantage.  A few tributes later, Wrong Orc claimed their first curse, pushed for a Keep and instead of backing off, they pushed through to the Core and took it down with little opposition. Freebirds made a call to try and do Boss, but it ended up creating enough of a delay they could not get back in time to defend their Core.

The cost of a late game boss call

Game 2 – Towers of Doom

Wrong Orc Bans – Genji, Dehaka
Freebirds Bans – Yrel (1st), Abathur

Wrong Orc Picks – Johanna, Deckard, Leoric, Raynor, Valeera
Freebirds Picks – Blaze (1st), Diablo, Fenix, Zeratul, Malfurion

Once again, Freebirds’ early game looked a little sharper in terms of overall progression towards victory, but Wrong Orc held the experience lead with a takedown and some better soak by fully utilizing Leoric. Altar after altar, Freebirds pointedly made their statement on how this match was going to go: you may get a takedown but it won’t net you the win. Wrong Orc did not take kindly to being threatened.

This is how you get your team back into a game

Being down sixteen Core health, Wrong Orc found a four-for-one team fight at Level 14 to gain the experience advantage and secure an altar and then position themselves for ten additional altars shots as well as walk in three sappers. In two altar phases, we saw a seventeen points to three swing in favor of Wrong Orc. Suddenly, the early game advantage that had been built by Freebirds had once again been staunched by Wrong Orc.

Wrong Orc was the first to have a victory condition open up, leading seven to four in Core health. The team fight was close and both teams were taking significant damage on their DPS and frontline, but in the end Wrong Orc would cleanup and channel the final altar.

You NA Open Division Cup #4 Champs, once again, Wrong Orc!

The Scales Begin to Tip

This is the fourth meeting between Wrong Orc and Freebirds and Wrong Orc now has a 3-1 record against them. It is always a close series and could have easily swung the other way for Freebirds. I look forward to seeing Round 5 between these two teams. We have transitioned into the second half of the Open Division Phase 2 and the hunt is as close as ever for a spot into the playoffs and fourth through eighth are entirely up for grabs.

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