NA Weekly Recap – HGC Phase 2 Open Division Cup #3

Welcome to the Cup #3 of Phase 2’s North American Open Division!

Howdy ya’ll! It is my favorite time of the week: recap time! This week’s matches did not disappoint as they were close games from beginning to end with some fantastic displays of team fights and map mastery. I’m stoked to introduce two new teams to the final four, Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru and TLR. But, I am also happy to share that we have a third cup in a row where Freebirds would take on Wrong Orc. These two teams are studying each other and the meta so closely that these games were so intense and full of players making clutch plays. I wouldn’t wish it any other way!

Game 1 – Sky Temple

Wrong Orc Bans – Genji, Muradin
Freebirds Bans – Dehaka(1st), Zeratul

Wrong Orc  –  E.T.C., Rehgar, Blaze, Jaina, Arthas
Freebirds – Abathur (1st), Yrel, Fenix, Tyrael, Valeera

The part I love most about having these two teams meeting each other again, is that they understand how to approach their opponents and play against them with respect. Any experience lead Freebirds found with early takedowns, was found wanting as Wrong Orc would equalize the experience with better lane soaking.

Freebirds maintained the structure lead through the majority of the game, but as the late game started, Wrong Orc managed the temple objectives just enough to catch up in total structures, only behind slightly overall in health.

The best offense is a good defense that survives the team fight

Two pickoffs on to Yrel and Tyrael in addition to the traded keeps, Wrong Orc found their way into the driver seat, nearly 20 minutes into the match.  They backed off the throttle, and made the safe play with the boss and Siege camp, tromping their opponents down the lane and decimating the core.

Wrong Orc nets themselves the win of game one.

Game 2 – Towers of Doom

Wrong Orc Bans – Genji, Malfurion
Freebirds Bans – Abathur (1st), Sgt. Hammer

Wrong Orc – Deckard, Jaina, Garrosh, Medivh, Illidan
Freebirds  – Yrel (1st), Johanna, Fenix Hanzo, Kharzim

The battle of the Open Division titans continues! These two teams are performing at a level you’d expect to see in the HGC. This is my game of the week to watch: high level Towers of Doom written all over it with camp control and rotations, you get to see the latest addition to the Nexus with Yrel and a unique composition that includes Illidan, Garrosh and Medivh.

How did no one die?

Earlier in the game it looked as if Freebirds might be able to find a way to take the objective more often, despite maintaining equal experience footing and falling behind in takedowns. Even leading into level twenty, the teams were tied with 12 core health remaining. Only a few plays separated this game from swinging one way or the other. Both teams were patient and yet unafraid to make a call when they perceived an advantage. As I said in game one, the respect in game two was easy to see in these talented teams.

The last play of the game was one for the books. Fenix’s level 20 talent denied Kharazim’s Divine Palm from proccing, which ultimately spelled disaster for Freebirds. During an aggressive invade on Wrong Orc’s Sapper camp, they were spotted out by Medivh and Garrosh landed a devastating Warlord’s Challenge after coming through the portal. It was a strong push from Freebirds, with Wrong Orc using their own compositions abilities to defend against the tactic and followed up by an odd interaction of hero abilities.

Wrong Orc won Cup #3, 2-0 and take the lead in not only the North American Open Division but also in the rivalry with Freebirds.

Phase 2’s Rivalry is alive and well

This competition is heating up! Congratulations to Wrong Orc for putting themselves back on top of the pile in the Open Division. I cannot wait to see how the race for qualifying for the playoff tightens up in the next few weeks, but I think I’m more excited to see who will win this rivalry and whether or not it will last until the playoffs.

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