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The Amateur Series promotes competitive gameplay and practice environments for the next generation of professional players, esports staff and casters in Heroes of the Storm.

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HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 88 Recap – December 6th, 2017

Week 88 of HeroesHype Amateur Series finished with an exciting three-game finale. Only eleven teams competed this week, but it was still a fierce...

HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 86 Recap – November 15th, 2017

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HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 85 Recap – November 8th, 2017

Week 85 of HeroesHype Amateur Series is over! Eighteen teams competed this week, including last week’s winners, Oh My SCIENCE. In the end, it...

HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 84 Recap – October 25th, 2017

Week 84 of HeroesHype Amateur Series is over! Fourteen teams competed this week, including last week's winners, Team Carbon. In the end, it came...

Amateur Meta Trends: September 15th – 28th

The introduction of Ana to the Nexus this week brought quite a few changes to unpack, which only added to the host of adjustments...

Tournament​ ​Administrative​ ​Rules

Competitor​ ​Code​ ​of​ ​Conduct

Players are expected to maintain a level of civility and respect toward other competitors and the Event / Heroes Hype staff. Violations of this rule will be dealt with on a case by case basis, and repeated failures to abide may result in penalties toward the associated team.Players are expected to act in accordance with general good will. We will not tolerate any toxic behavior. Those found disrupting the order of the tournament or harassing a player in any way will be removed from the tournament while more egregious conduct may result in additional actions taken against both the player and their team if applicable.Any attempt to deceive other players or the administration with false information, fake accounts,teams or matches will result in a lifetime ban from all future Heroes Hype activities. As a community, we do not want such people playing.Cheating or using any known exploits or bugs to your advantage in a Heroes Hype Heroes of the Storm match will result in forfeit from the tournament. If an exploit is brought to the attention of the Event/Heroes Hype Staff they will review the incident(s) and make a ruling on a case by case basis.Any further infractions after the ban period will result in a lifetime ban.Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.


All players must be added to the team on prior to the start of a tournament. Each 5 person team is allowed 1 subs who must be added to your roster. If you will be using a sub,please inform an Admin. This must be done before the start of tournament. At the creation of the bracket the rosters will be locked. In case of a sub emergency during a round, please contact an Admin for a ruling. Due to issues on Toornament, roster updates can be made by a tournament administrator – please contact an Admin to make any roster adjustments.In the event of a team breaking apart, points will only be retained by one team. Team points are retained with a 3 / 5 (or other) majority if contested between multiple parties. Pro-Player​ ​Rulings Teams may not have any HGC pro players on their roster during​ ​season.​ ​ ​Additionalinformation on Pro Player classification and eligibility can be found here.

Drafting,​ ​Hosting,​ ​and​ ​Map​ ​Selection

Drafting and map selection will be done with a coin flip provided by an Admin. This will be donein the Battlefy match chat. Both team captains and an admin must be present. The top side ofthe bracket will be heads, while the bottom of the bracket is tails. The winner will choose if theywant first pick or map pick. Teams ban one map each, starting with the team that has map pick (Team 1 map ban > Team 2map ban > Team 1 map pick). During a Bo3, maps will be picked from remaining unbannedbattlegrounds. Map bans and picks must be made from the current Official HGC map list (seebelow).The team on the top of the bracket will then create and host the lobby. Eligible​ ​Maps
  • Braxis Holdout
  • Battlefield of Eternity
  • Tomb of the Spider Queen
  • Infernal Shrines
  • Dragon Shire
  • Sky Temple
  • Cursed Hollow
  • Towers of Doom
  • Volskaya Foundry

Hosting​ ​and​ ​Draft

Within the game, start by clicking the Custom Games option at the top.Wait until the Map Veto as described above has been completed.Select the following optionsLobby mode: Tournament DraftGame Privacy: PrivateFirst Draft Team: Team 1 or Team 2 as appropriateInvite the teams and observers/casters if the game is to be streamed on the HeroesHypechannel.Select Start. In the event of a player disconnecting from the lobby during the draft, the team is allowed oneredraft, keeping the exact same hero picks and bans to the point of disconnect. Please reportredrafts and problems to Admins.


All matches unless otherwise noted must be played on the NA servers. The default server isCentral unless both team Captains come to a consensus on West.


Match privacy can be set to private.Failure​ ​to​ ​appear​ ​/​ ​No​ ​ShowEach team has 15 minutes to field their full team for the match. Please report no-show teams toTournament Admins in Discord. Team Captains should contact the Tournament Admins ifconflicts arise due to prior engagements.

Penalty​ ​for​ ​dropping​ ​out​ ​from​ ​a​ ​tournament

If a team drops from a weekly event or violates the 15 minute match start rule, they will not bepermitted to re-enter that week’s tournament.


A protest should be made through the Discord server, a private message should be sent to anAdmin.If a player wants to submit a protest concerning a specific match, the protest needs to be filedbefore the start of the match winners next game. Protests may require replay file to validate.

Pause​ ​Rules

Game pauses should only occur if a player is having connection issues or emergencies. If morethan ten minutes are needed, petition an admin in Discord and include what the circumstancesare and what is being done to try and fix them. Teams will announce unpausing prior to actuallydoing so. Please inform Admins of all pauses and for pause rulings.

Spirit​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Game​ ​/​ ​Rules

The tournament administration reserves the rights to make judgment on extenuatingcircumstances that come up as they deem fit. Admins may at their discretion choose to makedecisions not explicitly outlined by these rules in order to keep things fair and with goodsportsmanship. Any major changes to rules will be announced, and the rules will be amendedaccordingly. Any ineligible heroes or maps (normally due to known bugs) will be announced inDiscord during the check in phase. All Admin decisions are final.

Score Reporting

After a match is concluded the winning team will submit the score. Teams are to keep a copy ofa replay for at least three days, in the event of a formal protest.To report a score:The winning team reports the score. In a Bo3, report score after each match.Find the round on the bracket tab and left click to select that round.Click the up arrow next to team name to report score.If you have any problems reporting, please contact a tournament admin.


All Amateur Series events are seeded randomly. Previous Amateur Series results are not taken into consideration.


In the event of a mass disconnect or in game bug, a rematch may be necessary. The game willbe remade and all players must play the same heroes and select the same talents.


General spectators will not be allowed in a game. The only authorized spectators areTournament Administration or official broadcasters.

Prize​ ​Distribution

The Team Captain will be responsible for the distribution of the prizes, and will be in contactwith the primary event organizer for more information.

General​ ​Rules


All players are welcome to be present on the Discord server. Teams captains will need toannounce themselves and their team within Discord. The Tournament Admin will be labeled assuch within the Discord Chat.

Game​ ​broadcasts

The event host reserves all rights to broadcasting its own events. Third parties are not allowed to stream any games in this event, without prior authorization from the organization.Individual players ARE allowed to broadcast *their own* matches if and only if the following conditions are met: 1) The match is not already being broadcast by the organization. 2) They enable a minimum two minute delay on their stream.a. If you do not to enable a delay on your stream you do so at your own risk. Heroes Hype will not take any disciplinary action for stream sniping or other behaviour.


Heroes Hype Series are based in North America unless otherwise stated. Participants areREQUIRED to reside in the United States for physical prize delivery.

Admin​ ​Strikes

Players and/or teams may receive strikes against them for rules or other infringements. HeroesHype operates with a 3 strike policy. After repeated offenses players or teams will be ineligible to participate in Heroes Hype tournaments.

HeroesHype Twitch Channel


2Broken Alliance Gaming15
4Rage Emoji10
6Ball Breaker Reborn7
8North American Randoms6
9Big Beautiful Wombo4
10Out of Order2
11Modo Gaming2
12Your Mom2
14Deckard Pains1
15Team Muted1
18Soul Quimbaya1
19Darck Rhino1