Level Up: 2018

As we step into 2018 we can’t help but look back on everything that HeroesHype accomplished in 2017. It was one for the books! The hard work, passion, and love for Heroes from our crew and the community made it an amazing year. We learned a lot, we leveled up, and getting to share it with all of you is why we do what we do.

Our crew is absolutely the BEST. Everyone who has been a part of HeroesHype in the last year has brought such dedication and skill to the table that it we did more in 2017 than ever before. We are truly a family, and the friendships and support that we have for each other is a beautiful thing. It shows the best of what esports communities can offer and reflects the amazing community we have in Heroes.

By partnering with HGC teams like Tempo Storm, who donated their time to coach players and even cast, we crowdfunded numerous successful tournament series. Bloody Gaming, Nvidia, and Matcherino also sponsored our tournaments this year, and their generosity and YOURS helped us raise over 5 thousand dollars in prizes for amateur players. Another milestone for us was going International! We started the HeroesHype LATAM Series and worked with Fnatic to run an EU tournament chock full of swag.

Most of our favorite memories though are of hanging out with all of you! Whether it’s joining the conversation through our podcast HeroesHype Live or meeting other heroes fans at conventions, that is why we create hype about Heroes. Both at Heroes of the Dorm and Blizzcon, the Heroes Meetups we hosted with TGN Squadron were such blast! Meeting people whose names you know, going over the plays from that day, there is nothing that we look forward to more.

The HeroesHype family also grew this year! We started the HeroesHype Squad, a team of amazing Heroes streamers who bring their unique styles, entertainment, and heart to Heroes. The Squad has big plans for this year, and you should definitely check them ALL out to keep on top of the amazing things they are doing.

And that brings us to now, and the future. In 2018 we have some HYPE stuff planned for the Heroes community. We’ll be doing more tournaments, continuing our international expansion, and creating some awesome content for Heroes fans! Our goal is always to support amateur players and we hope to highlight their stories for you, to showcase their amazing skills, and share their passion for the game. We hope that if you attend any events that we’re at this year you will come and hang out with us. We love connecting fans and players, and they are a great place to hang out with old friends and meet new!

Being at Blizzcon this year, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride surrounded by each other in our (awesome!) purple jerseys at how far we have come. Thank you all for all the support and love you’ve given us this year. We hope we made you proud and we continue to create a community Heroes can be proud of! Keep a look out for all our announcements to come!


Success and happiness in 2018, the year of the Rehgar!
Mae, HeroesHype Operations Director