Production Broadcaster, NA – Open Division

Production Broadcaster, NA – Open Division

Are you interested in supporting the live-production of the Open Division? Curious about how streams run smoothly? Be our EU Production Broadcaster today!
This is an unpaid, volunteer position.

Believe it or not, production team has the coolest job at HeroesHype. You’ll be sitting in lobbies and games, hosting the broadcast from the HeroesHype stream and making the camera magic happen. You may be required to have OBS studio knowledge to help run the show. Production crew will be assisting casters before the tournament to ensure their sound and equipment are operating properly. Not only are you going to help run the show, you will be the liaison between casters, the tournament admins and the amateur teams: bringing people in for interviews, directing casters to exciting matches to follow, ensuring proper start times with games and more.

Production Broadcaster will need to have good internet and experience with running streams. While we can teach and train the basics, you’ll have to be a self-starting individual who enjoys being challenged. You are required to be online Mondays and Tuesdays at 4pm PST. You must have good communication skills and be fluent in English. You’ll be working 8-12 hours a week.


  • Ability to stream at 1080p/60fps with ultra graphic settings and have a solid internet connection
  • Must have good communication skills
  • Must have basic broadcasting knowledge
  • Able to handle stressful situations
  • Must be coachable and able to take constructive criticism
  • Must have a strong understanding of Heroes of the Storm, the HGC, and the Open Division and understand how tournaments are organized.
  • Must be available Mondays and Tuesdays at 4pm PST
  • Must be fluent in English

Bonus Points:

  • Be a streamer currently
  • Have experience with observing games and casting
  • Worked on tournaments and production in the past

Being Part of HeroesHype…
Being part of the team can open doors to many things in the esports world. With HeroesHype, we love to teach each other skill-sets that can be put on a resume to the real world. We’re a team of gamers at heart who love to go to live events, conventions and more. Being an observer can lead to many career opportunities, as it is a niche skill-set that we’re willing to train you on! Our team strives at holding that teamwork bond in and out of the Nexus! You’ll get a chance to communicate hands-on with players, teams, future stars, and start on your career with this first step opportunity in the esports industry.

About HeroesHype
HeroesHype is a premiere Heroes of the Storm organization that serves to foster growth in amateur players and community influencers. Their Amateur Series tournaments began in early 2015 with the goal of building and supporting the competitive community for Heroes of the Storm. Since then, HeroesHype has hosted amateur tournaments, charity matchups, educational content and a stream team to serve the community.

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