Stream Team Manager Shinobi Haruka maintains the philosophy of our stream team: “HeroesHype has been a key part of the Heroes of the Storm community, starting in the amateur competitive scene and casting community. We embark on this mission with our stream team motto: By streamers, for streamers.”

Her sentiment is echoed by project lead Mr Slack N Salt, the Stream Team Assistant Manager: “There is no better way to do this than to have our team sculpted by streamers of all sizes, to create the perfect environment for content creators. We aim to learn and grow together not only as friends and entertainers, but as family. This level of positivity and sense of community continues the original and ongoing mission of HeroesHype.”

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Hype Squad is currently closed for applications at this time. However if you have any questions or inquries, please contact: Shinobi Haruka, Stream Team Operations Manager: