HeroesHype Holiday Charity Show Matches & ARAM Tournament

HeroesHype Holiday Charity Event w/ Jhow, Gillyweed, Michael Udall & Friends!




Play with us on Dec 17th by signing up (solo for ARAM) and/or watch here on Dec 17th to help hospitalized children.

What is happening?!

HeroesHype presents a holiday charity drive for Ryan’s Case for Smiles, for helping hospitalized children, with your hosts Jhow and Gillyweed.

The event will include show matches with professional heroes players and heroes streamers. The drive will wrap up with an ARAM tournament where you can sign up and play with us!

The Schedule

December 17th

Pro Show Matches: 2 pm – 3 pm pst

Streamer Show Matches: 3 pm – 4 pm pst

ARAM Tournament: 4 pm pst

Where to Sign up and where to watch?

ARAM Sign up Here

Watch Here on Dec 17th

The Special Guests List

Astral Authority

Michael Udall







Tim & Nicole from Heroes of Fitness

and many MORE!

Where to Donate

Donate to Ryan’s Case for smiles


HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the HeroesHype team (Royalite, Timbo, MaeB, Mantis)!