HeroesHype Premier Series Recap – North America Cup 1

The HeroesHype Premier Series has officially begun, bringing top-notch Heroes of the Storm competition with it. These bi-weekly tournaments will culminate in Playoffs at the end of July with teams earning points based on their placements in the Cups.

Cup 1 was full of familiar names and faces, with Team Feedem and Scuffed Boys fighting their way to the final best-of-three match.

Map #1 – Dragonshire

Team Feedem map picked Dragonshire
Team Feedem Picks: Johanna, Hanzo, Malfurion, Alarak, Yrel
Scuffed Boys Picks: Anub’Arak (1st), Dehaka, Jaina, Raynor, Rehgar
Team Feedem Bans: Zeratul (1st), Ana, Tyrande
Scuffed Boys Ban: Abathur, Maiev, Tracer

Scuffed Boys decided to make the first move away from the lanes by claiming their knights camp while Team Feedem focused on the lanes. With pressure on the top lane, Scuffed Boys was free to rotate to the bottom lane, grab the siege camp and the early pick on to Alarak.

Despite the global pressure with Dehaka, and an early triple kill, no one was able to claim the Dragonknight until nearly 10 minutes into the match. But all during that time, Scuffed Boys opened up the bottom lane and pushed their knights camp once again into the top lane’s wall and towers. It took a small skirmish around the Dragonknight with both shrines claimed by Scuffed Boys for them to snag the first Dragonknight. The first Dragonknight took the bottom Keep and pushed them to a Level 17 to 15 advantage.

Team Feedem took a fight at Level 16, which absolutely did not work in their favor as four of their members fell while only taking out two of Scuffed Boys. With control of both Shrines and a clean map for them to claim the final Dragonknight, Scuffed Boys was able to roll down the mid-lane, claim a couple more kills and move straight to the Core and smash it to smithereens in 15 minutes.

Don’t you want to go to your home?! Destroy that core!


Map #2 – Tomb of the Spider Queen

Scuffed Boys map picked Tomb of the Spider Queen
Team Feedem Picks: Diablo (1st), Raynor, Jaina, Malthael, Malfurion
Scuffed Boys Picks: Ana, Johanna, Gul’Dan, Leoric,
Team Feedem Bans: Anub’Arak (1st), Zeratul, Sgt. Hammer
Scuffed Boys Ban: Maiev, Tracer, Tyrande

Team Feedem was angry after map 1 and you won’t like them when they’re angry. One takedown turned to four and even faster turned to seven. And you know what happens on Tomb of the Spider Queen when you can secure two turn-ins, the Boss and not allow your opponents to turn in? A big ol’ snowball goes rolling down the lanes and makes it very difficult to get back into the game.

Let the bodies hit the floor! 1, 2, 3 in the choke point.

Scuffed Boys began to fight back and returned the favor with a few decisive takedowns and a defensive turn-in to try and deter some of the lane pressure they were feeling. But trying to take the fight in the Boss pit while Level 15 into Team Feedem’s Level 18 just does not put the odds in your favor.

In this case, the odds stood their ground and Team Feedem marched moved right to the core and take home the ‘W’ on map 2.


Map #3 – Towers of Doom

Team Feedem Picks: Diablo, Tyrande,Hanzo, Dehaka, Fenix
Scuffed Boys Picks: Anub’Arak, Ana, Jaina, Blaze, Thrall
Team Feedem Bans: Zeratul, Abathur, Maltheal
Scuffed Boys Ban: Maiev (1st), Tracer, Raynor

Last but not least, Towers of Doom. As a map that rewards methodical rotations and map control while balancing the rotating map mechanics, you typically don’t see a lot of fighting earlier on. Team Feedem had a much different idea: invade camps, secure their own and toss in 5 takedowns in real early. Those six early takedowns didn’t extend into much of an experience lead, but the lane control pushed Team Feedem to Level 10 first and a full level ahead of Scuffed Boys.

Eight minutes in, Team Feedem extended their experience lead to 1.5 levels and had the objective in their favor 36 to 21. Scuffed Boys had their own triple kill twice over and a couple of objective channelings , but there was still a mountain to climb; 26 to 8 against them. By the fourteenth minute, Scuffed Boys had reclaimed the experience lead despite having their back against the wall, were climbing that daunting mountain; 13 to 8.
Multiple takedowns creating staggered timers, two Altar channels and Scuffed Boys reached the summit, planted the flag and confirmed themselves as the HeroesHype NA Premiere Series Cup 1 champions in classic Towers of Doom comeback fashion.

The beginning of the end for the first HeroesHype Premiere Series NA #1

Signups for all future cups of the HeroesHype Premier Series can be found here, so don’t hesitate to join in on the action!