HGC Crucible Spotlight: XD

Tomorrow, the North American Open Division second place team, XD, will take on the LFM Esports. At 2-12, LFM Esports have show moments of genuine brilliance and taking games off of some of the best the HGC North America has to offer. This will be no small task for XD to fight through a best-of-seven winner-takes-all confrontation. But before we get to that excitement, we should get to know a little bit more our challengers.


TalkingTrees (Flex)
Cover (Assassin)
Homi (Flex)
Nintorii (Support)
TigerJK (Warrior)

How did the team get together? Was it a grown synergy, role swap, or something else entirely, that clicked with this team?

Nintorii: Team XD’s origin story mostly originates “Nessper” Jaroslawksi’s work in the last offseason. He helped form a roster of former pro players and hero league warriors. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to synergize as a team, and we ended up picking up Jin in Nessper’s place. Things didn’t click for us immediately, but when we beat the fan-favorite ‘SMV’ in Cup 1 of the Open Division, we knew we had a framework for a successful team. The team had our ups and downs throughout the season, one notable challenge being that our warrior player Jin was picked up by HGC team No Tomorrow after the final cup of the season. We ended up picking up a veteran in TigerJK. We managed to make it through playoffs with Homi playing tank and TigerJK playing melee, but ultimately, their roles were swapped during the downtime, and I think we are now in our strongest form ever.

Beyond the roles of the heroes you play in-game, I was hoping you could let us in on the personalities behind the team; who has: the best jokes, happiest disposition, the most intense focus, and most likely to break out into karaoke in comms?

Nintorii: It’s hard to distinguish the personalities of the team because all of us are so likeminded. Voice comms are always interspersed with moments of humor and moments of intense focus. TalkingTrees is our main shotcaller, but Homi usually manages to keep everybody focused and calm during critical moments. Cover tends to keep things lighthearted, but his jokes are nothing compared to TigerJK’s “innovative” tank builds. As for myself, I have the voice of an angel and occasionally like to spoil my teammates with my singing or sensual ASMR sessions.

After a scrimmage or some of the Open Division Cups, how do you and your teammates unwind?

Nintorii: During our downtime, we’re usually terrorizing hero league or studying the game. Heroes of the Storm is a big focus in life for everybody on the team, so the majority of our time away from the game is still spent thinking about it.

What’s been the team’s focus going into the Crucible match against LFM?

Nintorii: Going into the crucible, we feel confident enough to beat LFM Esports in a best of 7 series. We have a general idea of their draft and map priorities, but we’re mostly focused on making sure our play is crisp. We also have the advantage of having more tape on LFM than they have on us, and we’re definitely taking advantage of that extra info to key onto player-specific habits.

Who is doing the best in the Heroes of the Dorm Bracket Challenge? Out of the Heroic Four, who do you think will take it?

Nintorii: As for Heroes of the Dorm, I’m confident that whichever team is victorious in the University of Laval vs. University of Kentucky matchup will be this year’s champion. My money is on Laval, mostly because I respect their work ethic and their ability to play competitive games with my team and other top open division teams.

As our favorite bronze dragon says, “It’s past time we got serious!” The stage is set, the opponents are studied, rested and thirsty for the spoils of their hard work over the last few months. We will see you in the Nexus for the HGC Crucible!