HGC Crucible Spotlight: Worst Positioning

Worst Positioning will be facing Diamond Skin in the Crucible on Sunday, May 6 and the stakes are high. If Worst Positioning can beat Diamond Skin in a best of seven matchup they will earn their spot in Phase 2 of the Heroes Global Championship.

As a team, Worst Positioning didn’t compete in the first three Cups of the Open Division. In fact, they were not a team until Noonia approached Dreamy with the sole intention of creating a roster capable of competing for a shot at the HGC. Dreamy had been playing for Good Guys Esports but was unsatisfied with the results. Noonia, meanwhile, had been playing for Oink and was also looking to refine their roster. With former Oink members Zhiku and Earth in tow, Dreamy was added, but they still needed a fifth… Dreamy explained “SonicLeBeast was currently sitting at #1 and #2 on the Hero League ladder, so we saw no better candidate than him at that point. We all agreed to try this lineup out and it turned out quite well, so we just kept playing.”

The Squad:

  • Dreamy (Team Captain) – Flex
  • Noonia – Support
  • Earth – Tank
  • Zhiku – Off-lane
  • SonicLeBeast – Ranged Carry

Dreamy: …in terms of drafting, Sonic has stepped into that role, you could call him the main drafter at this point. We all come with inputs and ideas, but in the end, Sonic has the final word. In-game the roles switch because I do most of the rotations shot-calling (like when to do camps, were to push, et cetera) and Earth/zhiku do a lot of the target shot-calling because it’s mainly them leading the engage. One thing that people may not know about our team is that Noonia is normally a Ranged Flex player. He decided to switch to support to make this team work because he believes in Sonic and I’s skill in terms of carrying.

The results were immediate. In Cup #4 they beat Team Tards, Granit Gaming (the other Crucible Open Division team), and The UnderGod’s; eventually losing to Teraz Rodzina in the quarter-finals. Not bad for their first tournament. Dreamy recalled “in the first cups we played together we had some struggles with over-aggression and chasing.” However, a quarter-finals finish was not going to cut it for a team that had far higher expectations. “We knew from the start that we needed an average of top-4 finishes to make it to playoffs and we would face good teams each cup because we did not have a seeding. I remember the first cup we played together we got knocked out on the first day by Teraz Rodzina, and we could instantly feel the pressure. We needed those points desperately, but then again we did not care if we got to playoffs as seed #1 or seed #8, because to win the playoffs, you need to be able to defeat every team anyway.”

In only their second cup as a team their potential started to show. A third place finish and 75 points added to their total meant their goal was closer to reality. After the fifth Cup the Open Division took a break while the Western and Eastern Clashes were played by the HGC teams. It was here that the legend of SonicLeBeast was born. The European #2 seed, Fnatic, would have to play the Western Clash without their Flex-player, Quackniix, due to an illness. Needing a replacement for the tournament, they turned to the “ladder-god” SonicLeBeast where he performed above expectations. Quackniix says it was a natural fit: “we all knew about him from HL and Mene thought he was good mechanically and they were talking a bit in general as they are both French. So we tried subbing him in one day as I got sick just to try and it went pretty good so we continued using him as sub.” Dreamy added: “Everyone on the team was super happy about the opportunity that Sonic got, it’s everyone’s dream as an upcoming player to get his/her chance to perform on the big stage, and the boy delivered. Everyone was happy about his performance, so all in all, Sonic came back from Western Clash more motivated than ever to compete.” Sonic’s performance did not go unnoticed by other professional players participating at the Mid Season Brawl:

In Cup #6, everything came together. They swept their first two opponents 2-0; eliminated the current points leader, Team Singularity, 2-1 in the quarter-finals; swept ePunks 2-0; and took down Teraz Rodzina 2-1 to claim their first Championship and the coveted 125 points. That was enough to get them into the top 8 but they solidified their spot in the playoffs by gaining 90 points in the final Cup; losing the finals to Granit Gaming 2-1.

If their sudden rise in the Open Division standings wasn’t impressive enough, Worst Positioning’s playoff performance left little doubt that this team was ready to compete for their HGC spot by winning the tournament in a 4-2 victory over Granit Gaming. For a rundown of the Open Division playoffs, check out the recap here.

And so here we are, five young men pursuing their dreams to be professional gamers in the Heroes Global Championship. They’re on the precipice of earning their spot and fulfilling dreams. But they also have a monumental task ahead of them in eliminating a team that you can be sure does not want to lose their spot in HGC. It’s going to be glorious and you don’t want to miss it.

Bonus questions for Dreamy:

Who is the joker of the team that keeps everyone loose?

Zhiku is a funny guy, can’t lie. He always has a funny remark.

Outside of anything current in the meta, what’s a team comp you guys enjoy playing just for fun?

When we have fun, we switch up the roles, nothing better than seeing Earth Tank as Tracer. To be honest, we just practice a lot and we all want to get into HGC, so we have not had too much time to play fun comps.

What is each player’s favorite hero, regardless of their place in the meta… who would they play if there was no limitation to their pick?

Haha, Sonic was known for his Nova before he started try-harding. So Sonic would definitely be stomping on Nova. And then we also have Noonia, who was known for his Tracer, so that would be his pick. Zhiku keeps talking about Cho’Gall, so I guess him and I would fire up for some good gameplay on the 2-headed ogre. And last I think Earth would have fun on his Diablo, he is a beast on that hero.


Big shoutout to Dreamy for taking the time to answer my questions and also Quackniix for providing some context to Sonic filling as a sub for Fnatic.