HGC Crucible Spotlight: King’s Gambit

As the North American Open Division Champions, King’s Gambit, was given the opportunity to choose one of the bottom two teams to face in the Crucible. Their choice? HGC North America’s 8th place team, No Tomorrow. This matchup will be the final series of this Crucible Weekend giving both teams the maximum amount of time to prepare for this battle of HGC life or death.

But before we get to that, a little more light-hearted good times! I got a chance to chat with EToby about his crew and acquire a little behind-the-scenes. Stay a while and listen!

King’s Gambit

Zergling (Assassin)
EToby (Support)
EKevin (Flex)
Droplets (Assassin)
Diesel (Warrior)

First, congrats on making it to the Crucible! Your journey through the Open Division was a bit of a trial run with only two cups participating with Diesel and Zergling. Was it a trial run or were you expecting whatever team you were on to get to this point?

EToby: In general, we were just trying out people and we thought we had a solid roster with previous players but there were some internal conflict with how we viewed the game. Zergling and Diesel were recommended to us as options and so we just decided to scrim with them a bit. And we thought we had pretty nice team synergy and just rolled with it for the remainder of the Open Division. It was a bit late to try any more roster changes after that.

Could you describe the synergy that Diesel and Zergling complemented and finalized King’s Gambit?

EToby: Zergling has worked on drafting and shot calling quite a lot and his mindset really mixed well with our view on the game so he was able to take over and make our drafting and shot calling overall much stronger

Diesel is a really new player competitively but he is really quick at learning things so whenever we scrim we would always give him feedback so he can continuously improve. The rate he’s been improving at was tremendous. Diesel also has innate synergy with Zergling so it was easy for them to play off each other.
Beyond the roles of the heroes you play in-game, I was hoping you could let us in on the personalities behind the team; who has: the best jokes, happiest disposition, the most intense focus, and most likely to b-step?
EToby: I think we all like to joke and be happy quite equally. We all meme a lot. I think my brother has the most serious and intense focus in game. Diesel is the only one who b-steps, and he has.
But a lot of the times if we are winning and feeling good we all just get hyped and yell in comms about how hard we are winning. And then we like to joke or we notice random mistakes and just laugh at it
After a scrimmage or some of the Open Division cups, how did the team unwind?
EToby: We didn’t really do anything as a team together. During Open Division, we would just scrim as much as we can and we would talk about the games a bit and what to do next and then we just log off or go to other discord servers. Zergling has college, so he has to allocate a lot of time into that. Other than that, we just chill. Me and my brother often play a lot of Team League.

Now-a-days, after scrims, some of us like to just talk or chill in a discord server.

I think we all agree though that if we do make it to HGC, we at least want some kind of celebration as a team.
If there were to be one moment to celebrate a bit it would certainly be that one! 
How have you and your brother’s experience in Heroes of the Dorm prepared your team for the Crucible?
EToby: I think playing in HotD really taught me and my brother how to problem solve for ourselves and figure out the game. Kure who is now in Team Octalysis basically did the drafting and shot-calling for the team. He was the hyper carry role. My brother swapped to the tank role and basically, he didn’t really have anyone to tell him how to play tank. It was mainly just Kure telling him things that he thinks my brother should be doing as tank. But it wasn’t really just learning how to play a tank, but what Kure wanted him to do in some cases as a tank. My brother over time learned how to get vision, set up fights, and have point control as a tank. For me, the only thing I really got out of HotD was more competitive experience, working on my communication, and basically being able to hit well-timed cleanses.
In general, my brother gained a new way to view the game and had more depth. I kind of just worked on being a good support who can communicate cooldowns and hit cleanses.
Speaking of Heroes of the Dorm, how has your bracket held up?
EToby: I submitted a bracket, but I think something messed up with the internet or the website and it didn’t actually save. And I didn’t realize until after bracket registration closed. Either way though, the upsets basically ruined it.
Haha for you and me both! Do you have a favorite to win the whole thing?
EToby: I like the UNT people, so I wanted them to win ;w; At this point, I just know the Kentucky people so University of Kentucky xD.
Thanks to EToby for answering my questions and giving us a little insight into King’s Gambit! Their match is scheduled to start at 12:00 p.m. PT / 9:00 p.m. CEST Sunday May 6 on playheroes.com/esports and twitch.tv/blizzheroes.