HeroesHype @ Heroes of the Dorm

Photo credit: Kagekiri

Heroes of the Dorm 2018 was a blast! We had so many members of HeroesHype at the event, getting to know the community and bringing you some of the best content to viewers at home. From fun interviews, wonderful tweets, and a few resulting great memes, this event was one to remember.

ICYMI: HeroesHype Heroes of the Dorm Interview Extravaganza!

We hope you enjoyed the event yourself and made plenty of friends alone the way. Below is a sampling of photos from the HeroesHype crew during the event! A full set can be found on our Flick page for you to view and share. Don’t forget to tag @HeroesHype with your favorites!


Special thanks to our photographers: Kagekiri, h0taru, Hostile, Maebeebuzz