HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 88 Recap – December 6th, 2017

Week 88 of HeroesHype Amateur Series finished with an exciting three-game finale. Only eleven teams competed this week, but it was still a fierce competition. In the end, it came down to a best-of-three match between Those Guys and NA LUL. Those Guys was represented by: Txz, Satat, DoktorFroszt, Treebeard, and AverageJoe. NA LUL was represented by: Sirius, PUPKINSLARER, Zergling, MitchyDs, and Danclan.

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Game 1 – Battlefield of Eternity

NA LUL – 1st Pick

Bans: Tassadar & Greymane

Heroes: E.T.C., Genji, Alarak, Rehgar, Jaina

Those Guys – 2nd Pick

Bans: Malphael & Uther

Heroes: Garrosh, Lúcio, Sonya, Li-Ming, Zarya

NA LUL started with early aggression by hiding in brush on top, but Those Guys were on to them and stayed under towers. From there, lane compositions took shape with NA LUL running 2-3 and Those Guys doing a 1-4 setup. The solo-lane for Those guys was Sonya, and she played defensively until Genji left lane to gank bot. Upon his eventual return, she had over-extended in a play against Alarak, and Genji helped take her down for First Blood.

Immortals spawned not long after, but only Genji and Alarak made any move to engage. Instead, Those Guys had started a dedicated push on bot. This backfired when Genji once again, snuck in from brush for a take-down against Zarya. this aggression from NA LUL continued throughout the early game, and by isolating Heroes, it paid off for them with smart trades.

The pace quickly changed in the mid-game though, as an invasion by NA LUL turned into heavy losses. Once back at full force, those losses were compounded when they lost a team fight over the next Immortal. After that, the mid-game was evenly matched and dominated by crazy trades:

The up-and-back gameplay continued into the late game, but eventually somebody would have to crack. The beginning of the end started when NA LUL took heavy losses in an Immortal push. Those Guys spent the time to lick their wounds and set-up camp pushes. NA LUL saw this and was forced to respond, but lost the ensuing team fight due in part to their E.T.C.’s Mosh Pit being interrupted. Those Guys rallied and destroyed the Core, despite a harassing, lone-survivor Genji.

Game 2 – Towers of Doom

NA LUL – 1st Pick

Bans: Tassadar & Alarak

Heroes: E.T.C., Malthael, Greymane, Brightwing, Kharazim

Those Guys – 2nd Pick

Bans: Genji & Ana

Heroes: Garrosh, Lúcio, Li-Ming, Falstad, Malfurion

NA LUL’s Brightwing started off alone on top while everyone else went mid. After early pokes at each other, Those Guys sent Malfurion to lane against Brightwing, while the rest of both teams fell into lane rotations between mid and bot. Those Guys almost lost two Heroes in the first rotation, but ended up barely escaping. The aggression from NA LUL continued, and due to it, were able to win most of the early Altars.

Surprisingly, First Blood didn’t happen until the five minute mark. Malfurion strayed a little too far from his teammates in a rotation when he was caught by an E.T.C. slide. He dropped quickly, but a prolonged engagement happened after that ended with Those Guys coming out on top of an overall 3-2 trade. Both teams regrouped after, and immediately butted heads again:

That fight set the pace for the middle-game. Both teams quickly engaged each other whenever possible, with both teams winning fights and keeping everything dead-even. The only difference, and the one that really mattered, was Core health. NA LUL held a death-grip on Altars and Sapper Camps. Those Guys captured two bosses, but upon entering late-game, the health difference was 20-5 in NA LUL’s favor. Knowing where they stood, Those Guys threw everything into a last ditch effort that didn’t end well:

Game 3 – Sky Temple

Those Guys – 1st Pick

Bans: Genji & Garrosh

Heroes: E.T.C., Sonya, Stukov, Tracer, Abathur

NA LUL – 2nd Pick

Bans: Tassadar & Brightwing

Heroes: Dehaka, Greymane, Li-Ming, Rehgar, Johanna

Leaving Dehaka to fight against Sonya on top, both teams fell into a four Hero rotation between bot and mid. When Temples spawned, Abathur stayed bot while everyone else went to contest. A brawl broke out over the mid Temple, but neither team wanted to back down. The fight eventually took Stukov as its first victim and First Blood, but Greymane followed only seconds later. An even trade left neither team with a lead, and eventually the Temples ended evenly as well.

An unfortunate disconnect allowed Sonya to be easily killed at the end of the early-game, but a game-pause allowed them to rejoin. The impact of that death though, allowed NA LUL to capture a Boss and get some early damage on bot Keep’s Walls. Those Guys responded with an aggressive invasion, and walked away with two take-downs. The Hero-deficit initially looked to put them at a great advantage for the next Temple, but things quickly changed:

Those Guys attempted an ambush to even things out, but ended up losing a 1-2 trade that could have ended worse. The result was NA LUL capturing another Boss and destroying bot Keep. They attempt a Core push after, but after take-downs on both sides, they were forced to retreat. Both teams split after for a moment of rest before rushing back in for Temples. Perhaps out of desperation, Those Guys attacked the top Temple, but without cohesion:

Only Stukov escaped to defend his Core. Sonya respawned in time to help take-down Greymane, but it wasn’t enough to stop NA LUL from taking Game 3 and winning the Series.

This Series was an absolute bloodbath and filled with game-changing moments. Aggression from both teams leads to some of the most exciting games to watch, and we’re always glad to be there to see it happen. Thanks to both teams for putting on a great show, and congratulations to NA LUL for winning Week 88 of our Amateur Series. A special thanks goes out to Halorin and Zexerous for their great shot-by-shot game casting. Thanks to all those that tuned in to watch as well, and we hope to see everyone again next week for another round of our Amateur Series.