HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 86 Recap – November 15th, 2017

Week 86 of HeroesHype Amateur Series is over! Seventeen teams competed this week, including last week’s second-place winners, Oh My SCIENCE. In the end, it came down to a best-of-three match between them and Savage Gaming. Savage Gaming was represented by: DayCreeper, Yuuri, Droplets, EToby, and EKevin . Oh My SCIENCE was represented by: EIDBatterry, Seryu, Troy1010, HoTcHo, and Darkchimaera.

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Game 1 – Sky Temple

Savage Gaming – 1st Pick

Bans: Garrosh & Rehgar

Heroes: Lúcio, Tyrael, Auriel, Lunara, Dehaka

Oh My SCIENCE – 2nd Pick

Bans: Brightwing & Cassia

Heroes: Greymane, Muradin, Abathur, Kharazim, Illidan

Oh My SCIENCE kicked things off in a 1-1-3 lane comp while Savage Gaming kept a constant presence on top and rotated through the rest. They eventually settled down and matched SCIENCE’S lane comp. Both sides poked at each other, but the most aggressive fighting happened on top. SCIENCE’s Illidan had Dehaka back against his Gates for the entire first minute. Dehaka came out to fight a bit further and managed to get Illidan to chase. A last second pull put a low health Illidan against the Gate where the Towers did the work for Dehaka. First Blood went to Savage Gaming.

SCIENCE answered back immediately by killing off Lunara on bot and almost dropping Tyrael in mid. Rotating in preparation for the Temples, a majority of the Heroes went to mid. Although not easily taken, Savage won the mid Temple while SCIENCE’s Illidan snuck up and took the top Temple. Both teams backed off from the Temple skirmish after depletion and returned to lane rotation. Savage showed their confidence by performing a successful invasion soon after. They continued their aggressive push on objectives leading into the next Temple phase, but SCIENCE retaliated by killing them off in ones and twos. Pulling ahead in take-downs, another Temple secured, and having captured Boss, SCIENCE began to snowball. Their confidence lead to an invasion that backfired:

An even trade Temple phase happened after, but SCIENCE still held the advantage across the board. Hitting the sixteen tier well before Savage led to an aggressive push, but they were beat back after losing Illidan. Another even Temple phase passed by where each team rotated looking for an easy gank. Eventually both teams ran into each other by Boss, and Savage barely came out on top. They seized the moment to secure Boss, but almost lost their Core to a sneaky Illidan. Following that crazy moment, both teams were pretty even.

Savage won the next solo Temple phase while also securing Camps to put the pressure on. With bot Keep destroyed, Savage made a play at the Core to draw out a team fight. They didn’t commit though and Illidan began to push for another solo Core rush. Dehaka was there to stop him though and a temporary stalemate occurred, but it wasn’t long before things exploded:

Game 2 – Towers of Doom

Savage Gaming – 1st Pick

Bans: Garrosh & Rehgar

Heroes: Brightwing, Cassia, Tyrael, Uther, Murky

Oh My SCIENCE – 2nd Pick

Bans: Lúcio & Auriel

Heroes: Tassadar, Tracer, Malthael, E.T.C., Stukov

Savage came out swinging in an all-mid push, but accomplished little and had to break off. After, they went 1-1-3 while SCIENCE went 1-2-2. SCIENCE’s lane rotations were on point though, as their mid easily swung down to bot for an ambush. In the ensuing chaos, Uther body-blocked his own Brightwing which led to his death. That marked a quasi First Blood, as Murky had already died, and continued to do so over and over to Malthael.

Going into the first triple Altar phase, both teams set up to fight over bot. A huge damage trade broke out, but the Brightwing/Uther combo allowed Savage to come out on top. The support combo continued to win fights going further into the game, but this advantage was entirely negated by Murky being absolutely dominated by Malthael on top. That domination bled over into Altars being taken as well, slowly but surely putting the ball in SCIENCE’s court. A few minutes later, they showed just how much the game shifted:

Great lane pressure by SCIENCE kept Savage from accomplishing much after that. Knowing they had to do something, Savage started trying to pick a fight on bot. Pokes turned into skirmishes that turned into an extremely prolonged team fight. SCIENCE held the advantage until Murky showed up, but then things turned right back around when Malthael came down. When the dust settled, SCIENCE won a four for one trade.

Showing the skill of these teams, Savage bounced right back with three take-downs on a Tower defense. Their timing on the fight was exceptional, because moments later Altars spawned in. They immediately captured two Altars, but a Tassadar harass kept them around the third for too long. SCIENCE swept in and killed Cassia, all before taking the Altar. Core health now stood at 24vs8 in SCIENCE’s favor. Savage continued their campaign on bot lane, but this let SCIENCE’s Malthael sneak in three Sappers. Holding five towers and a single Altar about to spawn, SCIENCE stood ready to win. Savage had no alternative other than to force a team fight:

Game 3 – Infernal Shrines

Savage Gaming – 1st Pick

Bans: Garrosh & E.T.C.

Heroes: Lúcio, Greymane, Arthas, Sonya, Tassadar

Oh My SCIENCE – 2nd Pick

Bans: Tyrael & Brightwing

Heroes: Ragnaros, Ana, Malfurion, Johanna, Valla

Mid pokes before rotating around kicked off Game 3. Savage held a 1-1-3 lane comp while SCIENCE kept Ragnaros on top and everyone else rotating together. Their dangerous four Hero rotation caught Arthas alone in mid. Not able to withstand so much damage, he attempted to run, but SCIENCE body-blocked him all the way to the Gate where he finally fell for First Blood.

The first Shrine popped up soon after and SCIENCE was first on the scene. That didn’t stop Savage from steam rolling in and quickly killing off Ragnaros though. They  in turn weren’t able to stop SCIENCE from sniping shrine kills though, and Ragnaros’ eventual return forced them to forfeit it. Being the first Punisher, it didn’t accomplish much despite the effort each team went through for it.  Things stayed pretty even after due to both teams maintaining smart lane rotations. The next Shrine went rather easily to Savage, but the Punisher did nothing thanks to a great distraction from SCIENCE.

Going into mid game, things stayed rather even. Camps and lane rotations were perfectly timed, but Savage showed up a bit late to a Shrine. They tried to make up for it by diving, but lost two Heroes and the Punisher. Pushing bot, SCIENCE laid down some damage on the Keep before retreating. Savage chased, but the retreat was an ambush. Dropping two more Heroes, SCIENCE finally did a real retreat.

Starting to fall behind, Savage decided to do an invasion. While fighting the Camp, they spotted SCIENCE and changed plans for an ambush. They beelined at Johanna and a team fight broke out:

The next Shrine went uncontested to SCIENCE and the Punisher took the fight to mid. The Punisher dropped at the same time as the Keep and a final team fight broke out:

For the third week in a row, Oh My SCIENCE has made it to the finals. Last week unfortunately was a loss due to technical difficulties, but tonight they completely made up for it. That’s not to say Savage Gaming made it easy for them though, as each game was a nail-biter. Great lane rotations and Camp pick-ups kept each team in the match despite any lost team fights. That unfortunately means that each game came down to a final and bitter team fight to determine the winner. Winning two out of three of those fights, Oh My SCIENCE are our Week 86 winners. Thanks to both of these teams for putting up such a great show. A special thanks goes out to InVerum and MichaelUdall for their great shot-by-shot game casting. Thanks to all those that tuned in to watch as well, and we hope to see everyone again next week for another round of our Amateur Series.