HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 85 Recap – November 8th, 2017

Week 85 of HeroesHype Amateur Series is over! Eighteen teams competed this week, including last week’s winners, Oh My SCIENCE. In the end, it came down to a best-of-three match between them and Those Guys. Those Guys was represented by: Satat, AverageJoe, Treebeard, BlueDemon, and DoktorFroszt. Oh My SCIENCE was represented by: EIDBatterry, Seryu, Troy1010, HoTcHo, and Darkchimaera.

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Game 1 – Tomb of the Spider Queen

Those Guys – 1st Pick

Bans: Malthael & Tracer

Heroes: Sonya, Diablo, Malfurion, Chromie, Lúcio

Oh My SCIENCE – 2nd Pick

Bans: Garrosh & Zul’jin

Heroes: Gul’dan, Tassadar, Johanna, Stukov, Ragnaros

The average all-mid skirmish kicked off the game with both teams trying to come out ahead in traded damage. As the minion waves came together, the fight moved between lanes as the teams rotated. Neither team had any established lane composition other than keeping a constant presence on bot. First Blood finally came at three minutes against a weakened Gul’dan on top. Left alone after a rotation, Those Guys noticed him and went in for the kill. A Diablo throw and Lúcio blast combination kept him from escaping and secured the take-down.

Ragnaros followed shortly after on bot when he put himself in a bad position. After coming back, he helped assist his team secure the first WebWeavers of the game. However, he and Gul’dan were both killed as Those Guys pushed their team away from the Shrines. The WebWeavers bought a small amount of respite for Oh My SCIENCE, but Those Guys summoned in their own immediately after. Their push gained some siege damage, but they lost two Heroes in the process.

The next set of Webweavers went to Those Guys again, but with much better results. From start to finish, they picked up two take-downs against Ragnaros and destroyed bot Fort. With Oh My SCIENCE capable of doing a turn-in, Those Guys headed to mid to stop them. Malfurion was killed in the process, but they succeeded in stopping any significant turn-ins. An extremely prolonged team fight broke out after in mid, but only ended with a one-for-one trade.

Those Guys came out slightly ahead in the end though and won lane control. After some rotations, they brought in yet another set of WebWeavers and began to push on top Keep. Another prolonged engagement kicked off, but Oh My SCIENCE couldn’t save their Keep. Rotating around looking for the next big push, Those Guys eventually ended up in mid. Another fight broke out, but this time there was an obvious winner:

Rotating to top, Those Guys pushed straight for the Core and took Game 1.

Game 2 – Towers of Doom

Those Guys – 1st Pick

Bans: Tassadar & Malthael

Heroes: E.T.C., Stukov, Sonya, Chromie, Lúcio

Oh My SCIENCE – 2nd Pick

Bans: Garrosh & Zul’jin

Heroes: Brightwing, Johanna, Lt. Morales, Valla, Zeratul

Oh My SCIENCE started off with a 1-2-2 lane composition in opposition of Those Guys who went all-mid. Those Guys eventually had to break up and split up into 1-1-3. Unfortunately, that’s where Game 2 ended due to a disconnected player on Oh My SCIENCE’s team. After the allotted time for a reconnect, Oh My SCIENCE decided to forfeit rather than play with a bot.

Game 1 was a great match of changing momentum. Those Guys held a definite lead in take-downs, but Oh My SCIENCE kept things together well enough to contest lane control. Unfortunately all that came crashing down after they lost the late-game team fight. Then to make things worse, they had an unfortunate disconnect in Game 2, but that’s the harsh reality of an online match. Thanks to both of these teams for the great Finals match-up despite the technical difficulties. A special thanks goes out to Feer and Bahamut for their great shot-by-shot game casting. Thanks to all those that tuned in to watch as well, we hope to see everyone again next week for another round of our Amateur Series.