HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 84 Recap – October 25th, 2017

Week 84 of HeroesHype Amateur Series is over! Fourteen teams competed this week, including last week’s winners, Team Carbon. In the end, it came down to a best-of-three match between them and Oh My Science. Team Carbon was represented by: LegacY, Caesarsalad, Noah, Faatz, and ViN. Oh My SCIENCE was represented by: EIDBatterry, Seryu, Troy1010, HoTcHo, and Darkchimaera.

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Game 1 – Sky Temple

Team Carbon – 1st Pick

Bans: Lt. Morales & Lúcio

Heroes: Brightwing, Muradin, Greymane, Abathur, Genji

Oh My SCIENCE – 2nd Pick

Bans: Garrosh & Uther

Heroes: E.T.C., Valla, Stukov, Kharazim, Anub’arak

Both teams started the game by attempting to determine the other team’s lane setups. Team Carbon eventually fell into a 2-2-1 setup with Genji alone on bot. Spotting this, Oh My SCIENCE rotated their team into a 1-1-3 setup to push against Genji. Carbon rotated their Muradin and Brightwing down to force a 3vs3 fight, but things quickly went sour. Although Genji dropped first, the fight still appeared winnable to Carbon. However, SCIENCE’s E.T.C. rotated into lane to help take-down both Muradin and Brightwing. SCIENCE picked up not only First Blood, but three total take-downs barely past the first minute mark.

The first set of Temples activated right as Carbon’s Heroes respawned, so SCIENCE easily took possession. Carbon forced them out of the top temple for a while, but had to retreat when Greymane died. At this point, SCIENCE already held a level advantage and appeared to have better lane control. This was extremely apparent going into the next Temple phase where SCIENCE not only rallied against an extremely aggressive push by Carbon, but came out with a 2-1 trade and most of the Temple shots.

Fully aware of their lane pressure, SCIENCE downed an early boss at the seven minute mark. They used the Boss distraction to destroy the top Fort, but lost Valla in a prolonged fighting retreat. Maintaining map awareness, they turned that retreat into an ambush when Carbon decided to stick around for a Camp kill:

Down two Heroes, Carbon isn’t able to contest the Temples that spawned immediately after. They eventually went in full-force to mid Temple, but lost three Heroes in a 4vs5 team fight. Wasting no time, SCIENCE captured some Camps and began a hard push on bot. Carbon attempted to push them back, but the death of their Muradin kept them from doing little but watch as two of their Keeps were destroyed. Right as the second Keep went down, Muradin respawned. Carbon immediately rallied around their Warrior, but the ensuing team fight went horribly wrong:

Then against all odds, this insane save happened:

Carbon went straight for top lane to do their own Core dive. The difference being that SCIENCE didn’t respawn in time to stop them from winning Game 1.

Game 2 – Towers of Doom

Team Carbon – 1st Pick

Bans: Lt. Morales & Malthael

Heroes: E.T.C., Cho’gall, Lúcio, Falstad

Oh My SCIENCE – 2nd Pick

Bans: Garrosh & Auriel

Heroes: Valla, Brightwing, Tassadar, Illidan, Anub’arak

Done being timid at the start, both teams went mid for early pokes at each other before they peeled off to lanes. SCIENCE had a 2-1-2 setup while Carbon went 1-1-2, their Cho’gall being on bot with Lúcio. Going into the first set of Altars, each team secured their respective top Altar while bot was extremely contested. SCIENCE eventually rotated enough Heroes to bot, forced out Cho’gall, and finally took the Altar. Meanwhile, Falstad attempted to Hearth behind his Tower on top, but Illidan stopped him in a dive. Brightwing teleported up to help, and the two of them secured First Blood for SCIENCE.

In the time before the next Altar Phase, SCIENCE started to rack up the siege damage. Cho’gall remained a serious threat to them, but they mitigated him by zoning out his Lúcio at every turn. Keeping that strategy, they easily secured the next two Altars and put the game at 36-22 in SCIENCE’s favor. The lane pressure didn’t hold out though for the next phase though, as both teams were able to capture an Altar.

Carbon realized they were in dire straits and started to push hard with their Cho’gall on bot. Since the next Altar would spawn there, SCIENCE responded by piling everything they had onto Cho’gall. An E.T.C. Powerslide barely saved him, but SCIENCE secured their main goal, another Altar. Carbon had a successful counter-attack after that gained them a take-down, but they were now down twenty Core health and in serious trouble. They attempted to make up for this by destroying bot Tower, but SCIENCE seized the moment to kill Boss.

Three Altars spawned next, putting Carbon in a do or die spot. Both teams captured one Altar relatively easily, but the last one became extremely contested. Illidan used his Hunt to dive in and stop the initial capture, but his distraction allowed both teams to rotate everyone up to fight. A scattered but prolonged team fight broke out that ended in an even trade, but Carbon won the Altar. The Core health now sat at 22-5 in SCIENCE’s favor and even Tower Shots.

SCIENCE attempted to setup a quicker win through Sapper camps, but Carbon always forced them out or killed the Sappers. A single Altar appeared in mid next, and a bit of miscommunication let Tassadar sneak in the capture during a team fight:

Carbon realized the danger of the Boss with only one Core health remaining, so they surprisingly captured it without resistance from SCIENCE. A few rotations later though, SCIENCE did a hard engage on Falstad that started a game-winning team fight:

Game 3 – Cursed Hollow

Oh My SCIENCE – 1st Pick

Bans: Greymane & E.T.C.

Heroes: Muradin, Brightwing, Zarya, Gul’dan, Lúcio

Team Carbon – 2nd Pick

Bans: Lt. Morales & Valla

Heroes: Genji, Abathur, Cassia, Rehgar, Johanna

A 3vs3 skirmish on bot kicked off the game while the remaining Heroes had a 1vs1 in the other lanes. The bot skirmish was an up and back affair, but the damage trade eventually claimed Cassia and gave SCIENCE First Blood. Her death had an immense affect on bot as SCIENCE was able to easily destroy the first Gate and Towers before rotating away to the first Tribute. Since all of SCIENCE rotated as soon as the Tribute spawn was announced, they stopped all attempts by Carbon to interfere with its capture.

SCIENCE’s intense lane pressure from Gul’dan, Zarya, and Lúcio continued when they rotated to top, but almost had a scary moment after a well executed ambush by Carbon. All three escaped, and then just as quickly reentered lane to continue dishing out siege damage. The next Tribute announcement drew their attention away though, as Carbon decided to not be easily turned away again:

Both teams kept their distance after and leading up to the third Tribute. In a weird turn, both teams attacked their Bosses at the same time. The Tribute’s spawn was right next to SCIENCE’s boss, so they easily captured it after securing the Boss. Pushing bot with their Boss and Curse, they forced Carbon to come defend. Upon reaching bot Keep, an extremely prolonged fight broke out:

SCIENCE rotated mid to destroy the Fort right after the fight. That push kept Carbon further back in lanes as the next Tribute spawned. In turn, that allowed SCIENCE to once again reach Tribute first, forcing Carbon to be aggressive to stop the capture:

After recovering from the fight, both teams did another Boss trade. From there, SCIENCE ignored a Tribute spawn and stuck with their Boss. Not able to ignore such a huge threat, Carbon once again was forced to start a team fight that led to them losing the game:

Oh My SCIENCE definitely held the advantage throughout the night. Barring their Core dive that ended horribly, they continuously won team fights and maintained immense lane pressure. Team Carbon came back in Game 3 in terms of team fights, but SCIENCE always came out ahead by the skin of their teeth. Because of that and the great effort they put forth, Oh My SCIENCE are our HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 84 winners. Thanks to both of these teams for the great Finals match-up and all the others who competed. A special thanks goes out to Feer and Bahamut for their great shot-by-shot game casting. Thanks to all those that tuned in to watch as well, we hope to see everyone again next week for another round of our Amateur Series.