Where can I find how many tournament points I have?

You can find the current season’s standings here!

How do I know if I have qualified for the finals?

We invite the top 8 teams to our series’ finals. If our rulings determine you have qualified, a tournament admin will contact your registered captain or manager with a password to register your team on Battlefy.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for any of our current tournaments here!

How do I join a Team?

There are a few ways to join a team. Some HeroesHype tournaments are open to free agents. We also have a Looking For Team chat in our Discord.

Do I have to check-in on both Toornament and Discord?

Check in is only done on Toornament. But we do REQUIRE all team captains to be in our Discord to facilitate matchmaking.

Where are the map bans/rule sets?

You can find our rules here!

Is XYZ hero allowed this week?

All hero bans are announced each week in Discord. Newly released heroes are always banned for two weeks.

Can I sign up as a Free Agent?

Some of our tournaments allow for Free Agents. Check on the tournament to find out!

Can I use the Discord channels for comms with my team?

Yes! Our Discord is welcome to all!

Where can I send feedback or comments?

You can contact our management team on Discord or email us directly at info@heroeshype.com

I’d like to volunteer with HH, how do I go about that?

Volunteers are what make HeroesHype great! Email us your resume and cover letter to hype@heroeshype.com if you have a great idea to bring to the team. Please include your favorite hero and why you want to work for HeroesHype!