HeroesHype Apex Legends Invitational

Tournament Start Time:
Mar 9 2019, 4:00pm PST - 8:00pm PST

HeroesHype will be presenting a single day Apex Legends tournaments consisting of squads made up of invited streamers and former pro players from the Heroes of the Storm community. Tune in to see who drops hot, who falls first, and who wins the ultimate prize: bragging rights!

Event Details


The Pepegas

Kagoffee Didz It

2 Girls, 1 Wingman

The Wingdaddys


  • Zoos
  • Leroy
  • Tomster

Mozambique Here

Crying But Trying

big tingz in dat

Meet Your Casters

Wade "Dreadnaught" Penfold


Albert "Halorin" Hailey III



Round 1
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
The Wingdaddys2331-54
Trying but Crying0011
The Pepegas299543
Mozambique Here961227
big tingz in dat836852
2 Girls, 1 Wingman201214
Kagoffee Didz It40610
Round 2Game 1Game 2Game 3Total
Winners BracketPointsPointsPointsPoints
The Wingdaddys3732069
The Pepegas2543059
big tinz in dat331539
Losers Bracket
Mozambique Here46313
Trying but Crying5005
2 Girls, 1 Wingman0066
Kagoffee Didz It3025
Round 3Game 1Game 2Game 3Total
Winners BracketPointsPointsPointsPoints
The Wingdaddys3632-68
Losers Bracket
Mozambique Here0000
big tinz in dat---0
2 Girls, 1 Wingman0101
The Pepegas3532-67
Round 4Game 1Game 2Game 3Total
Losers BracketPointsPointsPointsPoints
Mozambique Here2271544
The Pepegas030333
Round 5Game 1Game 2Game 3Total
Losers BracketPointsPointsPointsPoints
Mozambique Here2211639
FinalsGame 1Game 2Game 3Total
Losers BracketPointsPointsPointsPoints
The Wingdaddys3033-63


  • Single day bracket play
  • 8 squads
  • Double elimination
  • Squads play three rounds each match up, points awarded based on number of kills and placement, squad with the most points advances


  • Kills - 1 point
  • Map win - 10 points
  • Placement 2nd or 3rd - 5 points
  • Placement 4th or 5th - 3 points
If there is a tie after all three rounds in a matchup, the tiebreakers are as follows:
  • 1 - Number of wins
  • 2 - Number of kills
  • 3 - Total damage

Players must stream the game on personal Twitch channels so the casters can cast their gameplay on the HeroesHype Twitch channel

Score screenshots must be submitted to admins after each round for scoring.

Winners bracket team starts with five points in the grand finals.