Apex Legends Amateur Series | Week 12

Tournament Start Time:
Jun 24 2019, 6:00pm PDT - 9:30pm PDT

A weekly single day tournament aimed at building and supporting the competitive scene of Apex Legends. The tournament will occur every week on Mondays at 4:00pm PDT / 7:00pm EDT.

Check-in starts at 5 pm PDT.
Registration and Check-in closes at 6 pm PDT.
Tournament starts at 6 pm PDT.


Round of 32
Kill Points
Placement Points
Total Points
EVOS28331Match Complete
No ClipForfeit
Round of 16Kill PointsPlacement PointsTotal Points
Almost Pro422062Match Complete
The Reckless358Match Complete
Free Agent RushersForfeit
Gang Bang-a-Lore9312Match Complete
Evos Enforcers2222
HID3OUS602383Match Complete
Evos Legacy422365
POG442064Match Complete
SJP2DQDQ no stream
Evolution382058Match Complete
Sum Ting Wong381351
Alpha1Alpha251540Match Complete
Love Gaming462066
RagnaröK eSports Club482068Match Complete
Ho Lee Phuc301545
QuarterfinalsKill PointsPlacement PointsTotal Points
Almost Pro221032Match Complete
The RecklessForfeit
Evos Enforcer241034Match Complete
POG682391Match Complete
Love Gaming8430114Match Complete
Ragnarök eSports582583
SemifinalsKill PointsPlacement PointsTotal Points
Almost Pro371047Match Complete
POG40040Match Complete
Love Gaming642589
FinalsKill PointsPlacement PointsTotal Points
Almost Pro563086Match Complete
Love Gamig421355