EU Weekly Recap – HGC Open Division – Phase 2 Cup #7

This week saw the end of the Open Division regular season with the seventh and final Cup. Returning for their seventh cup was ePunks Black. This time it was EPG-Frozen attempting to take down the OD giants. Let’s look back to find out if ePunks Black would continue their reign of dominance.

Game 1 – Volskaya Foundry

ePunks Black – Diablo (Lauber), Hanzo (Roskmeg), Yrel (Cas), Gul’dan (SonicLeBeast), Malfurion (GranPkt)

EPG-Frozen– Johanna (Buch), Deckard (XraYY), Azmodan (Chelvin), Raynor (drifer), Samuro (QopenHag)

ePunks Black started the match by doing their best to disrupt the top/mid-lane rotations of EPG-Frozen, limiting the ability for Azmodan to gather Gluttony stacks. The aggressive play enabled a pair of early picks for ePunks and eventually led to the first Protector in the game. ePunks turned the objective into a two-level experience lead and an easy capture of the second Protector. Sensing the game was slipping away from them, EPG-Frozen engaged:

Equipped with a talent advantage and three-level experience lead. ePunks Black slow-played until the third objective, won it easily, and pushed bottom-lane for the win:

Game 2 – Infernal Shrines

ePunks Black – Maiev (SonicLeBeast), Anub’arak (Lauber), Yrel (Cas), Tassadar (Roskmeg), Abathur (GranPkt)

EPG-Frozen– Whitemane (XraYY), Johanna (Buch), Hanzo (Chelvin), Thrall (drifer), Dehaka (QopenHag)

EPG-Frozen took advantage of the missing hero body (Abathur) early in this match, finding some kills; however, they weren’t able to capture the first Shrine even with the early lead. The breathing room afforded by capturing the first objective kept ePunks Black close in experience as they waited for the Heroic abilities to truly bring their composition online. As the second Shrine spawned, EPG-Frozen found a little daylight by killing Maiev and capturing the Punisher. As is often the case, ePunks Black turned the fight on their opponent:

And just like that, ePunks turned the game their favor. They found kill after kill, staggering EPG’s deaths and ultimately pushing middle lane with the Punisher:

EPG-Frozen showed growth in each Open Cup, culminating in a second place finish. They enter the playoffs as the fourth seed and will face-off versus tranquility in the first round.

ePunks Black performance this Phase cannot be overstated. They were an absolute powerhouse winning greater than 85% of their maps and winning 6 of the 7 Cups. The number one seed will face off versus Team Go in the first round.

This upcoming week the Open Division will pit the top eight teams against each other in a playoff matchup to determine who will challenge the bottom two HGC Pro teams in the Crucible. The HeroesHype website has all the details as Open Division reaches it’s climax.