EU Weekly Recap – HGC Open Division – Phase 2 Cup #5


The 5th Cup of the HGC Open Division returned a pair of teams to the Finals. Surprising absolutely no one with their fifth appearance was ePunks Black. Meanwhile, Skogsapor would get their second attempt at trying to take down the points leader.

Game 1 – Braxxis Holdout

ePunks Black – Yrel (IIIIIIIIIIIII – Cas), Garrosh (Lauber), Greymane (Roskmeg), Rehgar (GranPkt), Junkrat (SonicLeBeast)

Skogsapor – Muradin (MaxPassion), Maiev (Skogh), Jaina (Knuutti), Malfurion (IHotWoan), Thrall (SexyPlatapus)

The action was fast and furious in the first game as the teams spent nearly 10-minutes jockeying for point control. It was ePunks Black though, who repeatedly secured the kills which slowly morphed into an experience advantage and eventually they were rewarded with the larger Zerg wave. Skogsapor secured a pair of kills in defense of their lane and they made the risky call to capture the Boss:

With the boss, ePunks Black pushed the top lane and Skogsapor attempted to team fight behind the boss; unfortunately for them, ePunks wiped the floor with their remains and destroyed the Core.

Game 2 – Battlefield of Eternity

ePunks Black – Maiev (SonicLeBeast), Muradin (Louber), Rehgar (GranPkt), Greymane (Roskmeg), Samuro (IIIIIIIIIIIII – Cas)

Skogsapor – Genji (Skogh), Garrosh (SexyPlatypus), Hanzo (Knuutti), Uther (IHotWoan), Blaze (MaxPassion)

There’s really no other way to describe this game as anything but a massacre by ePunks Black. They claimed the first objective and a pair of kills which led to an almost two level advantage. They parlayed that into the first downed Keep of the game at 6 minutes. With a talent advantage they continued to bully Skogsapor while ePunks left Samuro to capture the second objective. With a three level experience advantage, They pushed into the bottom lane:

Impressive play from ePunks Black.

Skogsapor managed to hang around in the first match, but once ePunks Black hit the gas pedal they never let up on their way to another Open Division Cup Championship, their fourth.

The Open Division will take a break as both the western and eastern pro HGC teams face-off in their regional Clashes. We’ll be back August 20th with the 6th Cup. For a full rundown of past and future cups be sure to visit the HeroesHype website.