EU Weekly Recap – HGC Open Division – Phase 2 Cup #4

Cup #4 of the Heroes Global Championship Open Division brought a pair of familiar faces to finals this week. Making their 4th appearance was ePunks Black. Last week’s challenger, TimeToShine, returned for their second chance at the undefeated champions.

Game 1 – Dragon Shire

ePunks Black – Deckard (GranPkt), Chromie (SonicLeBeast), Muradin (Lauber), Thrall (IIIIIIIIIIIII – Cas), Greymane (Roskmeg)

TimeToShine – Tassadar (R4TGOD), Fenix (GURU), Kharazim (Rzuf), Garrosh (Earth), Olf (Blaze)

Game 1 was a heavy weight prize fight. ePunks Black got things going with a kill on Fenix, allowing them to capture the first Dragon Knight at the 6-minute mark. TimeToShine counter-punched, grabbing a pair of kills and reaching Level 13 talents before ePunks which resulted in the second Dragon Knight going to TimeToShine. The reigning champions came back with haymakers, scoring 3 kills to 1 death in a fight that netted them the third Dragon Knight. This softened up the map in their favor and they utilized a camp to push the bottom lane and claim the Keep. Again, TimeToShine countered, finding the kill that allowed them to capture the fourth Dragon Knight; however, as they attempted to claim the bottom Keep, ePunks delivered the killing blow:

Game 2 – Towers of Doom

ePunks Black – Fenix (Roskmeg), Deckard (GranPkt), Leoric (IIIIIIIIIIIII – Cas), Muradin (Louber), Jaina (SonicLeBeast),

TimeToShine – Yrel (Olf), Malfurion (RzuF), Diablo (Earth), Tracer (GURU), Maiev (R4TGOD)

ePunks Black took the early lead by prioritizing the two top Altars and scoring two kills in the process. But as the second objective spawned, TimeToShine rose to the occasion:

TimeToShine leveraged the team fight into more shots on the Core and began pressuring the bottom Keep. With another Altar phase on the horizon and both teams on even talent tiers, another clashed erupted:

Another successful team fight led to a full level lead for TimeToShine. With the bottom Keep in their possession, they captured two Altars. TimeToShine continued to hold the bottom Keep and it proved important as the next Altar phase forced ePunks to aggressively engage. Three sappers snuck in through the bottom lane and despite a favorable trade in the team fight for ePunks Black, they couldn’t keep Maiev from sneaking into the bottom Altar and capturing the lethal shots.

39 consecutive win streak… broken. Holy smokes.

Game 3 – Infernal Shrines

ePunks Black – Diablo (Louber), Blaze (IIIIIIIIIIIII – Cas), Alexstrasza (GranPkt), Maiev (SonicLeBeast), Junkrat (Roskmeg),

TimeToShine – Fenix (R4TGOD), Deckard (RzuF), Hanzo (GURU), Dehaka (Olf), Garrosh (Earth)

Once again, ePunks Black jumped out to a quick lead by killing Fenix for first blood and first Punisher. The early level lead almost snowballed out of control; however, some sloppy play from ePunks kept TimeToShine relatively close in experience and before ePunks could reach Level 13, TimeToShine assaulted the shrine:

Despite the clear advantage, ePunks Black made a couple crucial mistakes and were baited into a fight before they could reach Level 16:

The seemingly unnecessary engage allowed TimeToShine to catch up completely in experience and fight for an Immortal on even terms for the first time all game:

With the tables completely turned, TimeToShine passively waited for the next objective which allowed ePunks to reach Level 20 and fight for the next Immortal on even tiers. A 3 for 0 team fight in ePunks Black favor gave them the opportunity to close out the game with a Punisher at their back:

This is the kind of series that makes following the Open Division so much fun. Well played to TimeToShine who finally put an end to the reign of dominance from ePunks Black.

Cup #5 will be played on July 30th and there are only three Cups left before the playoffs! For a full rundown of past and future cups be sure to visit the HeroesHype website.