EU Weekly Recap – HGC Open Division – Phase 2 Cup #3

Three Cups down, four to go. Making their third consecutive appearance in the finals is ePunks Black, who is proving to be an absolute powerhouse. They’ll face off against a new opponent this week in TimeToShine; Four-fifths of this team played the first phase as Teraz Rodzina.

Game 1 – Dragon Shire

ePunks Black – Yrel (IIIIIIIIIIIII – Cas), Malfurion (GranPkt), Muradin (Lauber), Chromie (SonicLeBeast), Greymane (Roskmeg)

TimeToShine – Fenix (GURU), Deckard (Rzuf), Jaina (Gugus), Garrosh (Earth), Blaze (Kelthaz)

TimeToShine took the early lead by grabbing a couple kills on the bottom lane which allowed them to get a 5-minute Dragon Knight. As we’ve seen in previous Cups, ePunks Black doesn’t let an early disadvantage get the best of them. Once they reached Level 10 and Heroic abilities, they evaporated the early lead:

ePunks Black turned the kills into a Dragon Knight, and in the blink of an eye they had the lead and then looked for more:

Equipped with a 3 level advantage, ePunks took the bottom Keep with a large minion push, captured the Dragon Knight, and pushed Core for the win.

Game 2 – Battlefield of Eternity

ePunks Black – Malfurion (GranPkt), Tracer (Roskmeg), Johanna (Louber), Li-Ming (SonicLeBeast), Samuro (IIIIIIIIIIIII – Cas)

TimeToShine – Tassadar (Gugus), Valla (Guru), Deckard (RzuF), Thrall (Kelthaz), Diablo (Earth)

ePunks Black took the early lead in this map by utilizing Li-Ming’s poke and then defending with four heroes while Samuro finished off the Immortal. Unfortunately, TimeToShine never found their moment to comeback in this one as every engage seemed to result in a positive outcome for ePunks Black, even when TimeToShine would land a kill, ePunks would get a counter-kill, or two. The global pressure of Samuro proved to be TimeToShine’s downfall:

Pure dominance from ePunks Black, winning their third cup in three tries. Even more impressive, they have yet to drop a map in the Open Division Phase 2; going 34 – 0 in their matches. Truly, a sight to behold.

Check back next week as we gear up for Cup #4 and find out if ePunks Black can continue their impressive run through the Open Division. For a full rundown of past and future cups be sure to visit the HeroesHype website.