EU Weekly Recap – HGC Open Division – Phase 2 Cup #2

We’re in full swing of Phase 2 of the Heroes Global Championship Open Division. This past week brought an intense set of matches and the return of the vatermeloons… except that’s not their name anymore. The esports organization ePunks have picked up their second Open Division team, turning the vatermeloons into ePunks Black. They would square off versus NeverLucky, making their debut appearance in Phase 2.

Game 1 – Dragon Shire

ePunks Black – Malfurion (GranPkt), Hanzo (Roskmeg), Garrosh (Louber), Dehaka (IIIIIIIIIIIII – Cas), Greymane (SonicLeBeast)

NeverLucky – Muradin (Laranas), Yrel (Azelia), Fenix (Dreamy), Deckard (Xavalosh), Thrall (Llenn)

NeverLucky played ePunks Black tight for the first 7 minutes of the game, but after both teams reached Level 10, ePunk Blacks invaded NeverLucky’s Siege camp netting them a kill and allowed for the capture of the Dragon Knight. Opening up the map and gaining an experience advantage, ePunks Black got aggressive:

NeverLucky knew they needed to find an opportunity for kills, and it looked they found one; however, ePunks Black answered perfectly:

Armed with a Dragon Knight and a three level experience lead, ePunks Black claimed their enemies Keep in the bottom lane. They retreated, captured the available mercenaries and siege camps and marched back to claim the Core.

Game 2 – Infernal Shrines

ePunks Black – Malfurion (GranPkt), Hanzo (Roskmeg), Leoric (IIIIIIIIIIIII – Cas), Thrall (SonicLeBeast), Diablo (Louber)

NeverLucky – Genji (Llenn), Johanna (Laranas), Blaze (Azelia), Junkrat (Dreamy), Alexstraza (Xavalosh)

This is the kind of game that makes watching the Open Division such a joy. NeverLucky’s extreme sustain composition had the early-game advantage and they used it to capture the first objective. The action started to pick up on the second objective spawn as ePunks jumped out to a lead on the objective count and NeverLucky contested:

The ePunks still claimed the objective but the kills on the side of NeverLucky kept the experience relatively close for both teams. NeverLucky would concede the third objective phase as they caught up in experience and reached talent parity with ePunks Black, but that would allow the ePunks to capture the bottom Keep. NeverLucky decided that with a keep down they needed to make a play to stay in the game and they invaded the Shaman camp of ePunks Black and managed to kill Hanzo. They may have stayed a bit too long as catapults were building up on their core and ePunks attempted to keep them occupied, but NeverLucky turned:

The turn of events gave NeverLucky a slight experience advantage which they used to captured the next Immortal phase and the middle Keep. With both teams on equal talents and the fifth Immortal phase about to begin, the penultimate fight went down:

ePunks Black would run it down bottom lane for the win. GGs. ePunks Black are champions for the second week in a row and the odds-on favorite to maintain that number one seed throughout the rest of the phase. Meanwhile, a very nice showing by NeverLucky in their first cup as a team.

Stay tuned next week as we’re back for more Open Division action with Cup #3. For a full rundown of past and future cups be sure to visit the HeroesHype website.