EU Weekly Recap – HGC Open Division – Phase 2 Cup #1

We’re back! Phase 2 of the Heroes Global Championship Open Division has begun and the first Cup has already been claimed… for a full breakdown of the bracket go here; let’s take a look back and see how the finals went down:

Game 1 – Towers of Doom

Skogsapor – IHotWoan (Malfurion), SexyPlatypus (Blaze), StarZerg (Johanna), MaxPassion (Jaina), Skogh (Cassia)

vatermeloons – Tracer (Roskmeg), SonicLeBeast (Abathur), Lauber (Yrel), GranPkt (Kharazim), IIIIIIIIIIIII (Zeratul)

Vatermeloons took control of the first game with early kills and a consistent aggression that never let Skogsapor get comfortable:

Once vatermeloons took the lead, they controlled the map and were relentless with their pressure. Skogsapor, to their credit, stayed close in experience but they simply could not land the kills they needed.

In the end, a full team wipe and a triple altar phase was enough to finish off the Core. 12 minute victory with 18 kills to 0. Dominant victory from vatermeloons.

Game 2 – Battlefield of Eternity

Skogsapor – MaxPassion (Tracer), StarZerg (Muradin), Skogh (Hanzo), IHotWoan (Kharazim), SexyPlatypus (Yrel)

vatermeloons – GranPkt (Malfurion), IIIIIIIIII (Blaze), SonicLeBeast (Li-Ming), Roskmeg (Greymane), Lauber (Johanna)

Skogsapor shook off the Game 1 defeat and put together a much better early-game performance in this match. Skogsapor were able to capture the first Immortal but vatermeloons continued to show their team fight prowess and made favorable trades in almost every engage. Vatermeloons were able to edge out an experience lead for the second immortal phase which allowed them to capture the objective and reach Level 10 before their opponents. With a healthy Immortal they ran it down bottom lane:

And just like that, we have our first Open Division champion of the new second phase. GGs to vatermeloons for their impressive performance.

Cup #1 of the HGC EU Open Division is done and Phase 2 is officially underway. Be sure to check out all the details over at