EU Weekly Recap – HGC Open Division Cup #7

The Seventh Cup of the Heroes Global Championship Open Division this week had 21 teams competing for their chance to challenge an HGC team in the Crucible. This is it, the final Cup of Phase 1 and the last chance for teams to snag the points needed to qualify for the playoffs. This week we saw the return of Worst Positioning and Granit Gaming to the Grand Finals.

Granit Gaming

Granit Gaming’s roster is Gnappe (support), Kirwa (carry), Olf (off-lane), Meinkraft (flex), RaiDbawZ (tank). Entering this weeks Cup, they were already a lock to make the playoffs. This is their second appearance in the Grand Finals (first time they lost to Team Singularity in Cup #5) and the results of this Cup serve only to seed them.

Worst Positioning

Worst Positioning’s roster is Noonia (support), zhiku (off-lane), Dreamy (flex), Earth (tank), and SonicLeBeast (carry). It probably isn’t a stretch to suggest that Worst Positioning had the most to lose entering this cup. They were on the outside looking in for a playoff spot even with the Cup victory last week; however, their strong performance this week and mere appearance in the Grand Finals was enough to assure them a spot in the playoffs.

Game 1 – Infernal Shrines

1st Ban – Worst Positioning – Garrosh & Tychus
2nd Ban – Granit Gaming – Medivh & Alexstrasza

Worst Positioning – Sonya (zhiku), Maiev (SonicLeBeast), Diablo (Earth), Gul’dan(Dreamy), Uther (Noonia)

Granit Gaming – Tracer (Kirwa), Malfurion (Gnappe), Leoric (Olf), Junkrat (Meinkraft), Blaze (RaiDbawZ)

Worst Positioning managed a slight experience advantage early on and Sonya’s AoE damage gave them the easy first Punisher which only served to widen the slight XP gap. Granit Gaming kept things relatively close but as the second Punisher phase began, Worst Positioning snagged their Level 13 talents and immediately looked for an engage:

Two Punishers, two Forts down in favor for Worst Positioning. Despite being behind a talent and three levels, Granit Gaming found a pick on Noonia but it wasn’t enough to catch them up and the third Immortal phase began just as Granit Gaming was getting their Level 16 talents. Worst Positioning took an easy objective and down went the bottom-lane Keep. They proceeded to obtain their Level 20 Storm Talents and claim their fourth consecutive Punisher while Granit Gaming reached Level 20 themselves. The desperation engage from Granit Gaming was the only option left:

Game 2 – Towers of Doom

1st Ban – Granit Gaming – Medivh & Diablo
2nd Ban Worst Positioning – Maiev & Chromie

Granit Gaming – Garrosh (RaiDbawZ), Malfurion (Gnappe), Tracer (Kirwa), Dehaka (Olf), Hanzo (Meinkraft)

Worst Positioning – Sonya (zhiku), Stukov (Noonia), Genji (SonicLeBeast), Muradin (Earth), Li-Ming (Dreamy)

One could almost feel the confidence exuded by RaiDbawZ playing Garrosh. Granit Gaming was aggressive from the start, invading mercenary camps and letting Garrosh feed them kill targets. They contested everything and left little room for Worst Positioning to maneuver. To their credit, Worst Positioning did a solid job of maintaining XP parity. But when the third Altar phase spawned, Granit Gaming with a slight experience lead, but more importantly a Level 13 talent advantage, broke things open:

Granit Gaming then took the bottom Bell Tower and Worst Positioning engaged, fighting before Granit gained their Level 16 talents:

Off of that fight, Granit Gaming needed 19 Core shots to win. A triple Altar phase gave them 15 and the Boss produced the final four needed to finish this one off.

Game 3 – Dragon Shire

1st Ban – Worst Positioning – Tracer & Stukov
2nd Ban Granit Gaming – Medivh & Zagara

Worst Positioning – Maiev (SonicLeBeast), Malfurion (Noonia), E.T.C. (zhiku), Diablo (Earth), Junkrat (Dreamy)

Granit Gaming – Garrosh (RaiDbawZ), Sonya (Olf), Hanzo (Meinkraft), Uther (Gnappe), Greymane (Kirwa)

Grubby described it on stream as a “…lot ping-ponging going on” and that nicely describes the entirety of the early-game. However, it was Worst Positioning who found a couple kills and claimed the first Dragon Knight as both teams closed in on Level 10. The Dragon Knight only downed three Towers and Granit Gaming stayed lockstep with Worst Positioning. Both teams traded a handful of picks on the road to reaching Level 16 talents and Granit Gaming finally found an opening:

With the Dragon Knight, Granit Gaming didn’t get much until they found a fight:

Granit then captured all three mercenary camps in the bottom lane and easily downed the Keep, however, what followed will go down as one of the craziest, if not reckless, Core attempts:

I’m not sure what I just watched. GG.

With the impressive victory, Granit Gaming claims their first Cup victory of Phase 1 and locked in the 4th seed for the playoffs.

For Worst Positioning, it only took four Cup appearances to accumulate enough points for a 7th seed playoff berth.


That’s a wrap on Cup #7 and Phase 1 of the HGC EU Open Division! April 2nd is the beginning of the Open Division Playoffs where two teams will emerge as the challengers at the HGC Crucible. Be sure to check out all the details over at