EU Weekly Recap – HGC Open Division Cup #6

The Sixth Cup of the Heroes Global Championship Open Division this week had 26 teams competing for their chance to challenge an HGC team in the Crucible. With only one Cup left before we head into the playoffs, teams are anxious to snag those remaining points for a seat at the table. In Cup #6 we saw a return of Teraz Rodzina and a newcomer to the Grand Finals, Worst Positioning.

Teraz Rodzina

Teraz Rodzina’s roster is Gluhammer (off-lane), GURU (ranged flex), Szychu (tank), Gugus (flex), and RzuF (support). Having already won Cups #3 and #4, they’re already a lock for the playoffs and currently the third seed.

Worst Positioning

Worst Positioning’s roster is Coro (support), Tiks (off-lane), Noonia (flex), zhiku (tank), and SonicLeBeast (carry). After a third place finish in last weeks cup, Worst Positioning is looking to claim a spot in the playoffs and a victory here would go a long way to making that a reality.

Game 1 – Volskaya Foundry

1st Ban – Worst Positioning – Thrall & Tassadar
2nd Ban – Teraz Rodzina – Maiev & E.T.C.

Worst Positioning – Malfurion (Coro), Sonya (Tiks), Genji (SonicLeBeast), Tychus (Noonia), Johanna (zhiku)

Teraz Rodzina – Tracer (GURU), Blaze (Gluhammer), Diablo (Szychu), Abathur (Gugus), Stukov (RzuF)

Early game can be rough on Abathur comps. Without a fifth body to contest the objective Teraz Rodzina was instantly on the back foot. Their strategy was based around trying to reach the late game where Tracer and Diablo become monsters. In theory, this can work on maps that tend to reach the late-game; however, with recent tweaks to the Triglov Protector, that seems harder to do on Volskaya if you can’t properly contest an objective. Unsurprisingly, the first Protector went in Worst Positioning’s favor as Teraz Rodzina simply wasn’t able to handle the body-disparity. Worst Positioning went to work eliminating front walls from the top and mid lanes while Sonya continued to soak experience and pressure the bottom fort. By the time the second objective phase began, both teams were Level 14 and Teraz Rodzina was ready to turn things in their favor… however, Worst Positioning wasn’t having any of it:

With the Level 16 talent advantage Worst Positioning was able to easily secure the Triglov Protector. The second objective proved to be the dagger to Teraz Rodzina’s chances as Worst Positioning demolished the top-lane Keep with ease and then played conservatively until they could gain their Storm Talents. A failed pick on zhiku resulted in a dead Diablo and Blaze and Worst Positioning marched to the top lane to take down the Core.


Game 2 – Dragon Shire

1st Ban – Worst Positioning – Abathur & Uther
2nd Ban – Teraz Rodzina – Maiev & E.T.C.

Worst Positioning – Malfurion (Coro), Tracer (Noonia), Sonya (Tiks), Muradin (zhiku), Greymane (SonicLeBeast)

Teraz Rodzina – Genji (GURU), Diablo (Szychu), Rehgar (RzuF), Malthael (Gluhammer), Chromie (Gugus)

The second match of this set started quickly with each team claiming a pair of picks and Worst Positioning out macro-ing Teraz Rodzina for the first Dragon Knight. The DK allowed them to take the front walls of the bottom and mid Keeps and slight experience lead. Worst Positioning then claimed the bottom Bruiser Camp and attempted to push the Fort, but zhiku decided it was time to meet the offensive head-on:

The turn around fight was perfectly timed because they easily claimed the Dragon Knight and pushed into the bottom Fort. Despite the momentary advantage, Rodzina was unable to finish off the Fort and with both teams capturing their Siege Camps, a little skirmish broke out in the bottom lane:

The full team wipe gave Worst Positioning a level advantage and bottom Keep. Teraz wasn’t about to go quietly and the managed to pick off GURU just before Worst Positioning was about to gain their Level 16 talents; an important development as it allowed Teraz Rodzina to catch back up in talents and contest the third Dragon Knight objective. Teraz Rodzina then found Sonic by himself in the bottom lane for a pick and what ensued can only be measured in pounds per inch of butt-clinching:

Teraz Rodzina wasted no time pushing bottom lane for the Keep and then dive bombed Core for the win.

Game 3 – Towers of Doom

1st Ban – Worst Positioning – Abathur & Tassadar
2nd Ban – Teraz Rodzina – Maiev & E.T.C.

Worst Positioning – Malfurion (Coro), Sonya (Tiks), Genji (SonicLeBeast), Johanna (zhiku), Tychus (Noonia)

Teraz Rodzina – Tracer (GURU), Blaze (Gluhammer), Stukov (RzuF), Diablo (Szychu), Gul’dan (Gugus)

If this draft strikes you as familiar… that’s because it’s almost a carbon copy of the first match’s draft except with the Abathur ban, Teraz Rodzina opted for Gul’dan with the last pick. The first Altar phase produced 12 Core shots for Worst Positioning when they caught Gluhammer attempting to double soak the top/mid lanes. A quick invade of Teraz Rodzina’s Sapper Camp turned into a 1 for 1 skirmish with both zhiku and Szychu going down. In the meantime, Sonya captured the top Altars for Worst Positioning and Rodzina conceded the bottom Altar. The second Altar phase produced zero sparked as both teams chose to trade the objective. With both teams on even talent tiers, Teraz Rodzina invaded Worst Positioning’s Sapper Camp for a ruinous cause:

Worst Positioning was gifted the single Altar phase and a commanding Tower Shots and XP lead. Both teams played extremely passive leading up to the next objective, but once it spawned, there were fireworks:

Worst Positioning then sat on Teraz Rodzina’s bottom Keep and as a triple Altar phase was incoming, Teraz Rodzina stepped a little too far forward attempting to reclaim the Keep and lost three members. Incredibly clean performance from Worst Positioning.

The victory propels Teraz Rodzina into second place in the Open Division standings while Worst Positioning currently occupies the 8th and final slot. Needless to say, next week’s Cup has major implications for Worst Positioning.

Cup #6 of HGC EU Open Division has been set in annals of time and our final Cup is all queued up for March 26th. For a full listing of the current points standings, visit and click the “Standings” tab.