EU Weekly Recap – HGC Open Division Cup #5

The European Open Division of Heroes Global Championship returned this week and 31 teams competed for the chance to challenge the bottom two HGC teams in the Crucible. Team Singularity returned to the championship match for their third time this season, and making their first appearance in the finals is Granit Gaming.

Team Singularity 

Team Singularity’s roster is zwHydra (melee flex), Knuutti (flex), Henn1ng (support), Lanaras (tank), and Karci (ranged carry). After storming Open Division with back-to-back Cup victories the first two weeks, Singularity was bounced in the Semifinals by Teraz Rodzina in both Cup #3 and #4.

Granit Gaming

Granit Gaming’s roster is Meinkraft (flex), RaiDBawZ (tank), Gnappe (support), Olf (melee flex), Kirwa (carry). Granit Gaming secured a third place finish in Cup #2 but were bounced from the quarter finals in Cup #3 by Teraz Rodzina and then lost to Worst Positioning in the round of 32 in Cup #4.

Game 1 – Battlefield of Eternity

1st Ban – Team Singularity – Genji & Garrosh
2nd Ban – Granit Gaming – Maiev & Anub’arak

Team Singularity – Tracer (Karci), Thrall (Knuutti), Tyrael (zwHydra), Johanna (Laranas), Malfurion (Henn1ng)

Granit Gaming – Cassia (Meinkraft), Blaze (Olf), Kharazim (Gnappe), E.T.C. (RaiDBawZ), Auriel (Kirwa)

Granit Gaming got out to an early lead and then… someone from their team disconnected just shy of the 7-minute mark. Unfortunately they were unable to reconnect to the game and Singularity gave them option to play with an A.I.-driven character or re-make the match. Granit chose to re-make.

With a fresh game underway the early game played out similarly to the first match with Granit Gaming capturing the first Immortal. Team Singularity did a nice job of staying close in experience despite losing a Fort and both teams hit Level 10 as the second Immortal spawned. A pick on Knuutti gave Granit the early lead of the Immortal race, however, Singularity got defensive:

Granit managed to defend their Keep and a brilliant Valkyrie from Meinkraft resulted in a pick on Knuutti and another on Laranas in the ensuing retreat. Singularity had a Level 13 talent advantage and with Granit attempting to find a pick, Singularity turned:

Singularity painted the map blue and the 3rd Immortal spawn put Granit Gaming’s proverbial backs to the wall. A wild team fight put an exclamation mark on this one:

Those team fights though… Singularity victorious.

Game 2 – Towers of Doom

1st Ban – Granit Gaming – Maiev & Arthas
2nd Ban – Team Singularity – Tracer & Hanzo

Granit Gaming – Thrall (Kirwa) , Tyrael (Olf), Blaze (RaiDBawZ), Malfurion (Gnappe), Greymane (Meinkraft)

Team Singularity – Genji (Karci), Uther (Henn1ng), Abathur (zwHydra), Muradin (Laranas), Gul’dan (Knuutti)

As one might expect with an Abathur-composition, Team Singularity played the early-game conservative by soaking lanes and avoiding engages. Granit Gaming, knowing they had the early body-advantage rotated aggressively and jumped out to an experience and tower-shots lead. With second Altar-phase about to spawn and both teams armed with Heroic talents, Karci found Gnappe:

Granit still reached Level 13 first and they positioned aggressively to capture both Alters in the second phase, but Knuutti brought the thunder with a perfect Horrify:

Singularity, equipped with the experience advantage and map control, were able to walk 5-Sappers out of 6 in from the bottom lane and then another 10-shots with the subsequent triple Alter-phase. But you’re never out of a Towers of Doom match until the core reads 0 and a prolonged fight started to turn in Granit’s favor. Unfortunately, Singularity had amassed a two-level experience lead and got their Storm Talents with an Alter phase and Granit Gaming had to engage:

With that, Team Singularity claims their third Cup.

The unfortunate circumstance of the match that was re-made can be hard to swallow for any competitor. But it’s important to note that Team Singularity showed great sportsmanship in offering the remake because they could have simply accepted a forfeit; and during the second draft, I saw this exchange in chat:

Well done by both teams.

This cup victory very nearly solidified Team Singularity as the #1 seed in the EU HGC Open Division Playoffs. With two Cups still to play, they need only 50 points to clinch the top seed.

With this second place finish Granit is firmly in top 8 and very likely headed to the Playoffs on April 2nd.

And thus ends yet another HGC EU Open Division Cup. Everyone in Open Division will be taking a break the next couple weeks to enjoy the HGC Clashes, but we’ll be back March 19th for Cup #6. For a full listing of the current points standings, visit and click the “Standings” tab.