EU Weekly Recap – HGC Open Division Cup #4

The Fourth Cup of the Heroes Global Championship Open Division this week saw 38 teams competing for their chance to challenge an HGC team in the Crucible. In the Third Cup Teraz Rodzina made a huge splash by claiming their first championship; this week they’re back but with a new challenger – ePunks. Let’s find out how this one played out!

Teraz Rodzina

Teraz Rodzina’s roster is Gluhammer (off-lane), GURU (ranged flex), Szychu (tank), Gugus (flex), and RzuF (support). After beating Team Go in the finals last week with a very clean 2-0, Teraz Rodzina is looking to defend their title.


ePunks’ roster is bLaDe (tank), SirIceCream (support), Muugilol (ranged), Talouf (melee flex), TrqR (flex). During the first two cups they were dropped before the semi-finals, but in Cup #3, ePunks defeated Team Singularity 2 – 1 to claim 3rd place.

Game 1 – Tomb of the Spider Queen

1st Ban – Teraz Rodzina – Uther & Genji
2nd Ban – ePunks – Maiev & Chromie

Teraz Rodzina – Tracer (GURU), Rehgar (RzuF), Tyrael (Szychu), Tassadar (Gugus), Malthael (Gluhammer)

ePunks – Blaze (Talouf), Gul’dan (Muugilol), Malfurion (iScream), E.T.C. (bLaDe), Zarya (TrqR)

Teraz Rodzina shows why they are they reigning champions by out-rotating ePunks in the top/mid-lane rotation early in the match. Rodzina managed a slight XP lead and Level 7 talent advantage to snag the first Web Weaver spawn of the game. They parlayed the early objective into a Level 10 talent advantage and with ePunks fighting from the back foot Rodzina snagged a second turn-in. Nine minutes into this match and Teraz Rodzina had two turn-ins, destroyed all the forts, and had a Level 13 talent advantage. They pushed their advantage by engaging the boss and ePunks responded forcing Teraz Rodzina off the Boss. Finally, first blood:

Teraz Rodzina finally managed to capture the Boss they desired which gave them the chance to steal ePunks’ mercenary camp and then turn-in for their third objective of the game. ePunks did a nice job defending the Web Weaver push by not losing a single Keep. Unfortunately for ePunks, Rodzina continued the map pressure with a Siege camp pushing the bottom lane forcing ePunks to respond. Teraz Rodzina saw the window of opportunity and decided to force the issue once again on the Boss:

Teraz Rodzina pushed FTW and an early series lead.

Game 2 – Dragon Shire

1st Ban – ePunks – Tracer & Genji
2nd Ban – Teraz Rodzina – Maiev & Abathur

ePunks – Blaze (Talouf), Rehgar (iScream), Greymane (Muugilol), Chromie (TrqR), Muradin (bLaDe)

Teraz Rodzina – Tyrael (Szychu), Gul’dan (GURU), Tychus (Gugus), Uther (RzuF), Malthael (Gluhammer)

An early miscalculation by ePunks resulted in a 2-minute Dragon Knight and first blood for Teraz Rodzina. Muugilol was capturing ePunks’ Bruiser camp and iScream attempted to delay the DK capture but Szychu and GURU made quick work of him when he stepped up too far. This led to both middle and bottom lanes front-walls being demolished and a level XP advantage. After a Rehgar for Gul’dan trade on bottom lane, Gluhammer demonstrated the power of Malthael in the top lane:

Teraz Rodzina pressed their advantage at every opportunity, maintaining a level lead, and forcing ePunks into taking a fight before Rodzina gained the Level 16 talent advantage. Unfortunately, ePunks couldn’t land a kill before Rodzina hit 16:

ePunks defended the Dragon Knight well by not losing a Keep, but a good disengage from Rodzina allowed them to reset and wait for the inevitable Level 20 talent advantage. Once they hit Level 20 and gained their Storm Talents, they picked-off bLaDe scouting the Dragon Knight capture point and pushed the bottom Keep:


Teraz Rodzina dominated this matchup. In watching this set and a few other games from earlier rounds, I was left with the strong impression that Teraz Rodzina are experts at grabbing an early lead and never letting go. Their team fights are executed with a level of precision that consistently puts their damage dealers in positions to land kills. This is a fun team to watch.

ePunks ran into a buzz saw this week. They played well, but constantly on the back foot. In both games a small mistake or miscalculation led to a small lead for their opponents. But ePunks showed throughout this tournament to be a formidable opponent and with back-to-back top 4 finishes they’re firmly in the running for a spot in the playoffs.

Cup #4 of HGC EU Open Division has come to an end but we are not done yet! Cup #5 starts February 26th. For a full listing of the current points standings, visit and click the “Standings” tab.