EU Weekly Recap – HGC Open Division Cup #3

The Third Cup of the Heroes Global Championship Open Division played out this week with 35 teams competing for their chance to challenge an HGC team in the Crucible. The first two cups brought us the same two teams, but this week we had some new blood in the finals. One winner. Let’s go!

Teraz Rodzina

Teraz Rodzina’s roster is frog (off-lane), GURU (flex), Szychu (tank), Gugus (flex), and RzuF (support). They were unceremoniously bounced in the first round of Cup #1 by the eventual champions, Team Singularity. Last week they met up with Team Go in the Round of 16 and lost  2-1.

Team Go

Team Go’s roster is Toxic (off-lane), Tai (ranged carry), GoTeRRoR (tank), WoWisBetter (melee flex), and ViRtU4l (support). In Cup #1 they lost 2-0 to Team Singularity in the semifinals but managed to claim Third Place with a 2-0 victory over Valhalla. Last week Clausen’s Army bumped them from the quarterfinals, 2-1.

Game 1 – Battlefield of Eternity

1st Ban – Teraz Rodzina – Samuro & Malthael
2nd Ban – Team Go – Tracer & Uther

Teraz Rodzina – Blaze (frog), Genji (GURU), Tyrael (Szychu), Hanzo (Gugus), Rehgar (RzuF)

Team Go –Greymane (WoWisBetter) , Lucio (ViRtU4l), Anub’arak (GoTeRRoR), Li-Ming (Tai), Artanis (Toxic)

As is often the case on Battlefield of Eternity, action came fast and furious in this match as Team Go tried to capture the mercenary camp in bottom lane and Teraz Rodzina didn’t let them have it for free. The engagement lead to first blood for Teraz as GURU picked Tai out of the crowd, setting the early pace for this matchup. With the first Immortal barely being won by Teraz Rodzina, the snowball began gaining momentum and by the 5-minute mark Teraz had five kills, no deaths, and were pushing their advantage by finishing off the top Keep. Level 10 was dangerously close for Teraz and Team Go knew they needed to make a move on the second Immortal:

Teraz Rodzina displayed a consistent approach to team fighting throughout the match; producing perfect situations for GURU to land kills with Genji. The third Immortal spawned and Team Go was in a familiar predicament with Teraz about to hit Level 13. Go attempted to rush the first 50% Immortal phase before Teraz gained the talent advantage:

After another full team wipe with the Immortal pushing bottom lane, Teraz Rodzina had a commanding 4-level lead and slow-played their way to their fourth Immortal. Toxic managed to pick-off Gugus with a beautiful Phase Prism at the onset of the Immortal defense, but the top Keep fell and Teraz retreated. Once Teraz reached Level 20, a questionable Play of the Game from Gugus gave Team Go a pick and a glimmer of hope:

With their fifth Immortal of the game Teraz Rodzina put the nail in the coffin.

Game 2 – Dragon Shire

1st Ban – Team Go – Tracer & Greymane
2nd Ban – Teraz Rodzina – Samuro & Chromie

Team Go – Blaze (Toxic), Genji (WoWisBetter), Rehgar (ViRtU4l), E.T.C. (GoTeRRoR), Kael’thas (Tai)

Teraz Rodzina – Tyrael (frog), Gul’dan (GURU), Tychus (Gugus), Malfurion (RzuF), Stitches (Szychu)

This time it was Team Go who jumped out to the early lead with a kill on Tychus netting them a Dragon Knight a mere two minutes and 14-seconds into the match. They maintained the level-lead into the second Dragon Knight phase and another easy capture gave them a 2-level advantage and two Forts. However, during the Dragon Knight’s brief reign of terror Teraz Rodzina hit Level 10, and when the DK was gone they used their Heroics:

The Horrify from GURU and subsequent follow-up from Teraz was such a critical play as it instantly opened the window for them to comeback. Team Go still had a level advantage as the third Dragon Knight phase began and they pressed the issue on the bottom-lane, but another team-fight win for Teraz Rodina and you could feel momentum shifting in their favor. To Team Go’s credit they continued to maintain a half-level experience advantage with map-control and mercenary pressure. For the brief moment of Level 16 talent advantage they expertly invaded Teraz Rodzina’s Seige Camp and created enough space to sneak another Dragon Knight capture. Things got tense in the late game after yet another Dragon Knight going to Team Go and the first downed Keep of the game:

Team Go was relentless in creating map pressure and with a minion-wave pushing their top-lane Keep, Teraz Rodzina committed to a defense at the Dragon Knight capture point:

With their first Dragon Knight of the match, how much could they get?

What. A. Game.

A brilliant performance from Teraz Rodzina earns them the Cup. Throughout this tournament they showed amazing synergy in their team fights, consistently creating “WOW!” moments with impeccable Heroic-timings and incredible individual play that left their opponents in the dust.

Team Go put up an admirable fight and very nearly forced a third match with superior macro-gameplay on Dragon Shire. An improved focus on their team fight while maintaining map control and this team has all the potential to win a cup in the coming weeks.

Cup #3 of HGC EU Open Division is over but Cup #4 is just a stones throw away. For a full listing of the current points standings, visit and click the “Standings” tab.