EU Weekly Recap – HGC Open Division Cup #2

Another week another Cup. The European Open Division of Heroes Global Championship marches on and we’re already witness to the beginnings of a rivalry. 47 teams competed this week for the chance to challenge the bottom two HGC teams in the Crucible. Once again Team Singularity and ManticOre emerged from the field as our top two… Rematch time!

Team Singularity 

Team Singularity’s roster consists of zwHydra (melee flex), former member of the HGC team, Team Synergy. Knuutti (carry) and Henn1ng (support), who played for MÅÅ and was upset by Leftovers (now an HGC team) in the Quarter-Finals of the Phase #1 EU-Open Division Playoffs. Lanaras (tank) and karci (flex) started playing with Knuutti and Henn1ng as Ardent Esports during Phase #2 of last year’s Open Division. With their Cup #1 victory, Team Singularity is poised to jump out to a commanding lead in the overall standings with another victory.


ManticOre’s roster is Mascarade (flex), valbeatbox (tank), BananaH (support), Toon (carry), and Venobili (melee flex). Aside from Toon, who played with unKnights in the DreamHack Tours tournament in 2017, little is known of their team. Claiming 2nd place in the first Cup, ManticOre seeks revenge versus their opponent.

Game 1 – Sky Temple

1st Ban – Team Singularity – Abathur & Genji
2nd Ban – ManticOre – Hanzo & Gul’dan

Team Singularity – Greymane (karci), Rehgar (Henn1ng), Dehaka (zwHydra), Li-Ming (Knuutti), Muradin (Laranas)

ManticOre –Tyrael (valbeatbox), Uther (BananaH), Falstad (Toon), Blaze (Venobili), Lunara (Mascarade)

It’s obvious from the beginning of this match that these teams have some history. Both sides played close to the chest with the one exception being valbeatbox getting picked while he attempted a possible mercenary camp steal. With only a handful of picks to speak of, both teams reached Level 10 relatively even in experience and structure damage. With the second Temple phase on the bottom lane underway the first team fight erupted; and despite zero kills for either side, Singularity came out ahead with superior damage output:

This fight is indicative of the entire mid-game. Each team tried carefully not to over-commit to any one engage and the consistent tug-of-war lead to a slight structure advantage for Singularity who displayed excellent decision making whenever ManticOre used significant abilities or Heroics. With each cooldown used by ManticOre, Singularity would either retreat or engage in lockstep with each other. However, with zwHydra split soaking bottom-lane, ManticOre smartly rotated bottom where they found a slightly overextended Dehaka. The pick allowed them to capture the Boss and they marched down bottom-lane and eliminated the first Keep of the game. With both teams at Level 20 and a Temple spawned ManticOre looked to backdoor Singualrity’s keep. Singularity responded with a perfect defense and ManticOre properly retreated… or did they…

The gutsy call did not go ManticOre’s way and Singularity claimed victory in Game 1.

Game 2 – Battlefield of Eternity

1st Ban – ManticOre – Hanzo & Malthael
2nd Ban – Team Singularity – Genji & E.T.C.

ManticOre –Greymane (Mascarade) , Uther (BananaH), Li-Ming (Toon), Sonya (Venobili), Anub’arak (valbeatbox)

Team Singularity – Tracer (Knuutti), Tyrael (zwHydra), Arthas (Laranas), Rehgar (Henn1ng), Tychus (karci)

One minute, 20 seconds; both teams barely had time to shake hands in the middle of the lane and the gloves came off. Singularity tasked Knuutti with roaming between top/bottom utilizing her mobility to assist zwHydra on Tyrael in the solo-lane vs Venobili on Sonya. Knuutti showed on the bottom-lane as the mercenary camps spawned and immediately rotated back to the top-lane. Mascarade saw a 4v3 and attempted to capture the top-mercenaries:

Singularity gained a half-level lead from the engage and used the slight advantage to win the first Immortal race. From that point on, Singularity was relentless in taking every inch of advantage they could. Knuutti and Hydra found a pick on Venobili just as the second Immortal spawned and Singularity was all but guaranteed the second objective with a healthy 2-level advantage and their Level 10 Heroics. You could feel the snowball gaining momentum. Equipped with a Level 13 talent advantage, Singularity continued to press their advantage and Knuutti left a parting gift:

A free Immortal and 3-level lead was all she wrote and Singularity were once again crowned champions of the HGC Open Division Cup.

As Grubby pointed out after the games, Team Singularity looks like they are only getting better. Lanaras on Arthas in Game 2 hit so many clutch Howling Blasts, I lost count; and Knuutti’s play on Tracer was hard to miss. This team looks scary.

ManticOre looks like a great team that preys on lesser teams with their aggressiveness. Unfortunately, Singularity has proven they know how to handle that type of gameplay and they punish even the slightest of missteps. I’ll be looking for ManticOre to clean-up their early-game and continue to work on team-fight synergy in the coming weeks.

Mark it, Cup #2 of HGC EU Open Division is on record and Cup #3 is on the horizon. For a full listing of the current points standings, visit and click the “Standings” tab.