Discord Community Championship Series

Announcing Discord Community Championship Series in League of Legends, organized by NALCS Discord Mods! Tune in every weekend as LoL Superfans compete for #1. We are excited to partner with @DCCSesports and @Competeleague to make this an incredible event!

Disclaimer: To clarify, we are in no way sponsored by, promoted by, or affiliated with Discord. It is merely the platform on which the community is connected and used to help communicate during events/planning.

Upcoming Games

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Past Games


1. Player Eligibility

1.1 Rosters
Each Discord must field a team of at least 5 Starters, with up to 5 Substitutes at their own discretion.
1.2 Server
Starters and Substitutes must be a member of the Discord server they represent.
1.3 Multiple Team Participation
Players may only be actively competing on one team at a time throughout the entirety of the DCCS.
1.4 Player Ranking
DCCS's player eligibility is determined by the Riot online League system of ranking. This is based upon their current season’s Ranking in either Solo Queue or Flex Queue (whichever is higher). All Starters and Substitutes may be ranked no higher than Gold 1. Starting rosters must consist of a max three Gold players with the remaining players being Silver or Bronze.

2. League Format

2.1 Regular Season
A schedule of single-round-robin will be played over the course of 4 weeks, with the top 4 teams qualifying for Playoffs. All matches will be Best-of-1.
2.2 Playoffs
Semi-Finals will be played on the 6th week of competition, with both matches being Best-of-3. Finals will also be played on the 6th week of competition, but will be Best-of-5.
2.3 Tiebreakers
In case of a two-way tie the team that won their respective regular season game will win the tiebreaker. In case of a three-way tie the person with the highest win rate over the two others will advance first (for example: TL, TSM and C9 are in a tie. TL beat TSM and C9 in the regular season, therefore they have a 2-0 standing in the three-way tie and get first, TSM beat C9 so ends up 1-1 and therefore gets second in the tiebreaker. C9 went 0-2 in respective games so ends 3rd. If the three teams end up 1-1 in the three-way tiebreaker we will look at the shortest gametime in their victory against other teams in the tiebreaker. For all ties larger than 3 teams, head to head record will be considered first with gametime in victories second similar to a three way tie.

3. Game Days

3.1 Player Attendance
Discord staff are responsible for fielding a full team, on time, for every match. If the discord doesn’t field a full team at the scheduled starting time of the game they will forfeit that game.
3.2 Pre-Game Process
Teams are required to be present and ready to compete ​15 minutes before the scheduled start-time​. A designated member of staff will be responsible for organising players and stream staff​ ​into a custom lobby. If a previous DCCS game is running abnormally late, then a grace period of 10 minutes will be allowed between the end of that first game and the start of the next. The team listed first on the scheduled match will be blue side. (For example if the schedule says Echo Fox vs Flyquest: Echo Fox will be blue side and Flyquest red side).
3.3 Registered Players
All players competing in the game must be on the registered roster reported at the beginning of the season before the game can begin. If a player’s account is banned for any period of time during the duration of the season, that player will be unable to compete for the remainder of the event.
3.4 In-Game Rules
Players may only pause a match following unanticipated technical issues, such as a player disconnect. If the pause exceeds 15 minutes, the team requesting must either un-pause the game or forfeit the match. If there is a real-life emergency or incident that renders a player unable to compete in their scheduled game, play may be stopped.
3.5 Post-Game
All games must be recorded through screenshots of the post-game lobby submitted to a designated staff member.

4. Player Conduct

4.1 Unfair Play
The following definitions will be considered as unfair play and will be subject to penalties at the discretion of DCCS staff.   4.1.1 Collusion Any agreement between 2 or more players and/or affiliates that presents a disadvantage to opposing players or teams. This could include the following: Players engage in Soft play, where there is an agreement between 2 or more players to not damage, impede or play at a reasonable competitive standard within any game. Sending or receiving signals, electronic or otherwise from an accomplice to/from a player. This includes observing a broadcast to gain an advantage. Deliberately losing a game for any reason, or attempting to induce another player/team to do so.  
4.2 Competitive Integrity
Teams/Players are expected to play their best at all times within any DCCS game. They should avoid any behavior that is inconsistent with the principles of good sportsmanship, honesty or fair play and should also adhere to the League of Legends Summoner’s Code.  
4.2.1 Hacking Hacking is defined by any modification to the League of Legends game client by any team, player or affiliate.
4.2.2 Exploiting Exploiting is defined by intentionally using an in-game bug to seek an unfair advantage in the competitive format. This includes the use of glitches in items, champion abilities, or any other game function that is not working as intended.
4.2.3 Ringing Playing under another player’s account, or encouraging/directing someone else to do so.
4.2.4 Cheating device/program The use of any kind of device/program that gives a player or team a distinct advantage over the other.
4.2.5 Intentional disconnection Purposely disconnecting from the game without a proper and explicitly stated reason.
4.2.6 Smurfing If any player owns an account which is above the limit specified in these rules attempts to participate in DCCS games, that player’s team will forfeit any victories attained while using the smurf. There must be evidence to confirm that the player owns an account higher than specified limit.
4.3 Profanity/Hate Speech
Team members/Players are prohibited from using language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, and abusive, libelous, slanderous, defamatory or otherwise offensive/objectionable. They may also not promote or incite such hatred/discriminatory conduct in the match.

5. Scheduling

5.1 Adjusting schedule
If both teams agree on a seperate time to play their game they must inform tournament organizers for approval of a separate game time. All adjusted game times will not be streamed. It is highly recommended that teams do not attempt to reschedule a game if it is one of the weekly streamed games. For these games we also need a screenshot of the post game lobby to determine a winner.
5.2 Adjusted Schedules Affecting Streams
If both teams do agree to reschedule a game and it is a weekly streamed game, notice must be given to organizers at least ​four days​ in advance to the original game time. The backup stream game for that time slot will then become the stream game for that day.
5.3 Stream Games vs Backup Stream Games
Stream games are the games that are planned to be streamed for the designated game day. Backup stream games are in place if the original stream game must be rescheduled.

6. Broadcasting

6.1 Permission to be Streamed
Any player who is registered on a team is comfortable that their games may be streamed. Voice comms and player pictures will never be released (unless a player agrees to a post game interview).
6.2 Personal Streaming
Competing players are allowed to stream their own games if the rest of their team agrees. We are not accountable for the opposing team ghosting your stream while you are live and will not hand out punishments if the opposing team watches your POV on your personal stream.
6.3 Stream Schedule
During the regular season, two games will be streamed on Saturday and two games will be streamed on Sunday. Both teams that will be on DCCS stream will notified that their game is one of the weekly streamed games.