Amateur Meta Trends: September 15th – 28th

The introduction of Ana to the Nexus this week brought quite a few changes to unpack, which only added to the host of adjustments brought by the September 20th balance patch. It looks like these changes are only slowing affecting the meta though. Overall, the top five heroes in the Warrior and Assassin roles have not changed much over the last month. The Support role is starting to see some more life though. Let’s see how the amateur Heroes of the Storm meta was shaped over the past two weeks!  

Note: The following statistics are based solely on the games streamed during the HGC Open Division and HeroesHype tournaments from September 15th through September 28th. 33 games were analyzed for this article, thus serving as a slice of the overall amateur meta.



E.T.C. remains the top Warrior for the entire month of September, showing up in a staggering 97% of the amateur games studied over the last two weeks. He’s a top priority in drafts, he never made it through the second ban phase. He was played in 21 games and banned in 11 others. It does seem that opposing teams are perfecting counters to him, as his win rate dropped from 63% two weeks ago to its current 52%.

The rest of the Warrior field is much more spread out compared to two weeks ago. Dehaka dropped quite a bit over this period, from 72% participation to 48%. He was played 5 times, banned 11 times, and holds a 40% win rate. Anub’arak and Arthas claimed the 3rd and 4th spots (39% and 30% respectively).

Finally, Garrosh was the 5th most popular Warrior over the last two weeks. He was played in only 3 games but banned in 5 others, winning 66% of the time.



Greymane continues to be the king of the Assassins in amateur Heroes of the Storm. Two weeks ago he was at 81% participation, a month ago he checked in at 68%. Over the last two weeks his numbers nearly topped out, he showed up in 97% of the games analyzed. He was played in 21 games and banned in 11 others. It also looks like players are truly utilizing the Worgen better, as his win rate bumped up 18 points to an impressive 63%.

The next three Assassins merely swapped places around a little bit. Valla showed up in 67% of the amateur games studied, while Malthael appeared in 55%. Malthael’s win rate is rising, it hit 69% over the last two weeks. Genji took the 4th place spot with 52% participation. He was played in 8 games and banned out in 9 others.



Reghar and Uther tied for the top Support spot over the last two weeks with an 88% participation rate. Rehgar was played in more games (24 compared to Uther’s 19) and had a much better win rate (58% to Uther’s 42%).

The third spot for Support is where things get a little interesting, as Lúcio has skated his way back into the spotlight. Played in 20 games and banned in 2 others, the Overwatch DJ/Freedom Fighter found success in both solo and double support team comps. He boasted a 55% win rate over the last two weeks as well.

Finally, Lt. Morales’ rework has given the medic some much needed love. She was the 4th most picked Support over this period, playing in 5 games and getting banned out in another 5. Her win rate isn’t as clean as Lúcio’s though, as her teams only won 40% of the time.

As always, Tassadar continues to hover around an 80% participation rate. This time he was played in 8 games and banned in 18 others.