2019 HeroesHype Premier Series Announcement

It’s been several long months since we’ve had some news to share, but all of our behind-the-scenes work is finally coming together. There have been some fantastic events during the past few months that have continued to keep the Heroes community strong, and we are grateful to see all the passion and hard work poured into these amazing projects.

Our Philosophy
I founded HeroesHype in 2014 with the goal of creating a safe, sustainable platform for anyone to grow their skills personally and professionally, alongside their love of Heroes of the Storm. Since then, HeroesHype has been the place where some of the best known players, casters, producers, tournament organizers, streamers and staff have taken their first foray into esports. They honed their skills with us, and now are on their way to or currently pursuing their passion professionally at some of the largest gaming and esports companies in the world. I am honored to have been a part of many people’s journeys and I hope we can continue to nurture more.

The news of HGC being discontinued in December 2018 was an eye-opener. I was reminded that our passions, hopes, and dreams don’t always line up with how situations are structured. Over the last few months, we had to think deeply about how to pick up the core pieces that we the Heroes community have built together. We also had to plan how to put those pieces back together to rebuild a new structure in a way that can continue to stay true to our original goals and love for the community.

The News
I am excited to announce our upcoming Heroes of the Storm project: the 2019 HeroesHype Premier Series with a base prize pool of $40,000! Both NA and EU will consist of 2 splits per region, starting at $10,000 USD prize pool per split, per region. Each split per region will consist of 6 Open Cups taking place every two weeks, on Tuesday and Wednesday nights (local time), culminating in the Finals at the end of every 3.5 months.

Start preparing your teams and keep your eye out for sign-ups, our crowdfunding page, exact schedules and prizing details to come next week!

We have built this in a way to keep the momentum sustainable and to build a long-term vision for the rest of 2019 in the Heroes space. We welcome any additional partners that want to help contribute financially to help make this dream an even bigger reality (please email me at eunice@heroeshype.com).

Join Us
More details will be announced very soon, but we are taking this time to build up staff internally to prepare for this amazing journey ahead. Please take a look at our volunteer openings! https://heroeshype.com/join-heroeshype/

-Eunice, Founder of HeroesHype