Winners of Beta Keys and HyperX USB Drives!

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author image by MsHoney | 0 Comments | 02 Mar 2015

The Beta Key and USB winners from our past raffle have been announced! Below are the lucky random winners of the contest who should have received an email.

If you did not win here, please make sure to enter our Pax East raffle! This time, we are offering another 70 Heroes of the Storm beta keys (35 NA/35 EU). This raffle will start tomorrow, 3/4/15 and last until 11:59pm on 3/11/15.

Watch our Twitter, FB, or our Amateur Series streaming on on Wednesdays 3/4 and 3/11 starting 4.30pm PST for the link!


HyperX USB Drive Winners:

Hans C
Stu B
Raymond M
Arttu K
West K


NA Beta Key Winners:

Drew W
Tony B
Albert LL
Bryan C
Carl H
Grant H
Miranda R
Bryan F
Jock H
Blaine Z
Cody M
Mac F
Jess R
Newell B
Jordan H
Brendon B
Felipe S
Lucas S
Cameron G
Lautaro R
Dylan B
Charles A
Rogelio B
Kyle R
Eric S
Kevin W
Matt K
Ken C
Joe M
John S
Kevin K


EU Beta Key Winners:

Edgar N
Tamás F
Casper N
Luke D
Pepito G
Kayra Ã
James S
Spyros K
Luka P
Simon F
Don J
Marc F
Adam M
Fabian K
MichaÅ C
Christian B
Craig S
Moritz C
Jesper F
Emanuele P
John D
SÅ‚awomir C
Tom T
Lucas W
Danny W
Dennis K
Ryan S
MichaÃl F
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