Welcome to the Nexus, Garrosh!

Welcome to the Nexus, Garrosh!

Lok’tar Ogar (Victory or Death)

Unfortunately, Garrosh will likely experience death more than victory these first few weeks. He’s got all the right tools, they’re there. But his tools just aren’t quite sharpened enough to come together for that devastating impact you expect the former Horde Warchief to deliver. They’re also difficult to master. It’s strongly recommended playing him a few levels past 5 before entering ranked with him.

He’s a bruiser for sure and that sets up a risky proposition. Tanks either have weaker attacks and high health pools or lower health pools with hard hitting attacks. When your sustain is connected to damage dealt through an ability or his current health bar and damage received it becomes a precarious high wire act that’s one follow up stun away from a quick kill. Currently, he seems to be in a great spot as a bruiser. Some of his abilities are immensely strong that any tweaking makes him overpowered. I mean a warrior with a cleanse? Thank you, Blizzard. It’s an earned strength though. His abilities have a high skill floor and an even further ceiling.

Lok-Regar (Ready for Orders)

Garrosh is shaping up to have a primary build with some viable secondary talents. 

Level 1

Primary: Body Check seems to be the talent to take.

Secondary: Unrivaled Strength is possibly a good situational talent or while in the solo lane.

Level 4

Primary: Thirst for Battle can be a huge boon to his sustain.

Secondary: A self-cleanse!?! Whaaaat? Who needs supports anyway?

Level 7

Primary: Into the Fray. You all thought the self-cleanse was the cleanse! Nope! Actually, cleanse other heroes out of CC! 

A Hero League cleanse is like a cicada. It’ll happen once every 17 games.

Other options at 7 are the 40% Attack Speed reduction for targets hit by Groundbreaker and a 50% Healing Received reduction for 4 seconds for targets of Body Check.

Level 10

It’s like Sonya and Lunara had a melee Heroic Talent! No, no it’s nothing like that. One can dream though? Right?

Primary: Decimate is a bit too much damage to enemies to pass up. Currently, his solo Q role as a bruiser only leaves one option here. Those of you in Team League might be able to utilize Warlord’s Challenge.

Level 13

He becomes frustratingly difficult to kill as his health gets lower. The bait potential is high in this one.

Primary: Without Thirst or Battle (4) Double Up is the first real talent at survivability, take it. The enemy DPS power spikes only get more brutal from 13 and up. 

Secondary: Armor (preventing damage) is better than receiving healing after it’s dealt. The potential here is situations without heals, Quickmatch (hopefully),

Level 16

Primary: Earthshaker adds a stun to an already CC’ed target and then stuns additional targets. It’s hard to make a better argument.

Secondary: Mortal Combat obviously has benefits in the combo by reducing Wrecking Ball’s cooldown to 6 seconds.

Level 20

Primary: Maximizing targets with Decimate is going to open Garrosh up to back line damage. This lets him come out of the heroic swinging.

Lohn’goron (Hero’s Sojourn)

Garrosh has a bunch of awesome tools. They don’t quite mesh together seamlessly and he definitely has some talent flexibility. He even has a reset talent at Level 4, In for the Kill, that will certainly earn him a place on Infernal Shrine. The nature of his CC doesn’t quite have the same impact as most main tanks and his survivability really kicks in when he’s low on health. It makes for a high skill floor hero that doesn’t it all too well into the nature of random 5 man teams.

Let’s see how he plays out over the coming week though. Initial impressions are a bit mixed. He’s definitely useful in a more coordinated scenario like Team League. Off tanking, solo laning, and the bruiser slot finds him at his most impactful. He’s creatively and well designed packing the most unique CC ability yet released. It’ll be interesting to see how he develops as a part of the future meta.