Weekly eSports Roundup 2/26

North America

  • Go4Heroes Americas Cup #12 did not have Tempo Storm present, which allowed B A R R E L B O Y S to propel themselves all the way to the finals. The barrels then defeated MurlocsInc. to claim victory. The Rising Taquitos finished their strong tournament run by beating Prime Heroes Gaming to grab the final place on the podium.

go4heroes na cup 12

  • HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 2 was cast once again by FourCourtJester, who was joined this week by Gillyweed. Thanks again to everyone involved, as we had another great turnout. The Rising Taquitos ended up as this week’s champions, with SHOT and the Bullets as the runners up. Congratulations to all of these teams on an awesome tournament. We were able to debut our new forum as the communication platform for the tournament. We are happy to have many new users, and which means a lot more to talk about. Register today, and come join in on the conversation!

hh amateur series week 2

  • Heroes Major League NA Playday 4 gave Tempo Storm and B A R R E L B O Y S chances to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Both teams have won their first 4 games in the HML. Unfortunately, Cloud 9 Maelstrom had to forfeit Game 3 to 2ARC Iliad. One C9’s team members lost his internet connection, and the team did not have substitute registered to play. LunatiK gave a valiant effort, but ended up losing both games to EG. Game 2 was an especially heartbreaking loss, a half hour healfest on the Garden of Terror.

hml na playday 4


  • Planetkey Heroes Invitational had all of the top European teams duking it out to claim the first Planetkey title. Fnatic laid the strongest claim, beating Team Acer, El NeXo, and dominating SK Gaming in a 3-0 fashion.

planetkey invitational

  • Go4Heroes Europe Cup #12 was the first overseas battle, the great clash of the European and North American regions. After leveling up accounts on European accounts to unlock their heroes, Tempo Storm carried the NA torch all the way to the finals. The epic showdown ended on the Sky Temple, where 3DMAX pulled off an extraordinary comeback, an amazing ending to a great set.  You can check out the rest of their tournament run on Khaldor’s youtube channel, or by clicking here. SK Gaming beat El NeXo in the bronze medal match.

go4heroes eu cup 12

  • ESL EU Community Cup #25 featured some new teams making a splash in the competitive HotS scene. team tomorrow big beat the more established Playing Ducks e.V. Heroes, and went on to claim the championship against yoloteam.  The third place match featured EYES ON U HOTS beating the swedish powerhouse.

esl eu comm cup 25

  • PyPHeroes Cup #1 was the first tournament run by Spanish site OGSeries, with a 100€ prize awaiting the first place team. Surprisingly, Team LDLC were only able to take one set before losing in the quarters to Incognite. Stigma defeated Los Gatos Samurái Bomberos Peladores del Averno en Bicicleta (what a mouthful, I hope that name is a placeholder), and Incognite was denied a spot on the podium when they lost to Trogloditas.

pypheroes cup 1

  • Heroes Major League EU Playday 4 , similarly to the NA HML, separated the men from the boys. 3DMAX and LDLC both maintain perfect 4-0 records, while WELL MET and wo ist kazooie tied fNatic for third place with their second wins of the season.

hml eu playday 4


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