Weekly eSports Roundup 2/19

North America

  • HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 1 was an exciting night full of hopeful teams getting their first taste of competitive HotS.¬† Shoutouts to FourCourtJester and Anna Prosser Robinson for doing a wonderful job casting tons of matches throughout the entire event. On one side of the bracket, The Rising Taquitos made a great run to the finals. They were finally undone by the Happy Faerie Dragons, who only lost one map the entire tournament! Congratulations to DownLu, PandaJigu, Inkling, Srey, and Buds on winning the very first HeroesHype Amateur Series! Thanks again to everyone who was involved, it was a great learning experience, and we hope to bring even more hype for week 2!

hh amateur series week 1

  • Go4Heroes NA Cup #11 featured many top teams, including the heavily-favored Tempo Storm. T/S tore through the bracket, beating HeroesHype, Actions Per Minute, and Evil Geniuses on their way to claiming yet another first place finish. Murlocs Inc beat Actions Per Minute for the bronze medal match.

go4heroes na cup 11

  • Heroes Major League NA Playday 3 saw the continued superiority of Tempo Storm as they took another 2-0 victory. Evil Geniuses clutched out their win in an exciting game 3 win against 2ARC. With Cloud 9 Vortex dropping out of the Major League, Vivid Gaming was happy to step up to the plate. Unfortunately, they lost their debut match against Cloud 9 Maelstrom. Finally, the B A R R E L B O Y S made Illidan really shine in both games they took off HeroesHype.

hml na playday 3


  • ESL EU Community Cup #24 had a variety of teams reaching the top 16, including a few familiar faces. Mouse Control were outdone by newcomers MadCorps TEST, who went on to win in the finals against Puszek Team. In the third place showdown between Ex-Gryphus & friends and Playing Ducks e.V. Heroes, only the ducks were left standing.

esl eu comm cup 24

  • Go4Heroes EU Cup #11 featured some of the Major League teams, which unsurprisingly ended up facing each other in the finals. 3DMAX pulled out the win against SK Gaming, earning themselves a cool $100 as well as bragging rights for the coming week.¬† ArthasStroitHram took the third place finish against Team Refuse.

go4heroes eu cup 11

  • Heroes Major League EU Playday 3 brought us some exciting matches, especially the set between El NeXo and SK Gaming. 3DMAX took the win against Team Acer, and Team “wo ist kazooie?” (formerly Planetkey Dynamics) had a tough time under their new name, losing 2-0 against Fnatic. Finally, We Are NOT Prepared¬† they made their win against WELL MET look like childs play. WANP seem to have adapted quickly and overtaken their Spanish rivals, El NeXo, as the most dominant team in Europe.

hml eu playday 3


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