Weekly eSports Roundup 2/12

North America

  • Go4Heroes NA Cup #10 came down to an exciting match between Evil Geniuses and Murlocs Inc. Evil Geniuses had some miscommunication and misplays in the final game, allowing Murlocs Inc. to take first place! B A R R E L B O Y S faced ESV Tempest in the bronze medal match. The barrels played hard, and managed to secure a 3rd place finish.

go4heroes na cup 10

  • Kings of the Storm Weekly #10 featured our very own Team Heroes Hype making an epic run through the Loser’s Bracket, after being sent there by Cloud9 Vortex. After winning the grudge match, their Cinderella story came to an end at the hands of B A R R E L B O Y S. The barrels proved that they could only be outdone by Tempo Storm, who took the entire tournament without dropping a set.

kots 10

  • Heroes Major League NA Playday 1 and 2 was an exciting kickoff to the HML Season 1. B A R R E L B O Y S are off to a a great start, beating Evil Geniuses and Cloud9 Maelstrom. Tempo Storm is also undefeated to start the season, with an absolutely dominant performance over Evil Geniuses. Team Heroes Hype took the win over 2ARC Iliad, but lost in a close set against Cloud9 Vortex.

hml na playday 1 and 2


  • HCL Day 16 and 17 featured the upset of the season, with Ouiski Coca finally breaking El Nexo’s winning streak! This must not have sit well with the Spanish powerhouse, as they followed up with back to back wins against ALTERNATE and SK Gaming. Team Acer remains close behind El Nexo, taking wins over SK GamingĀ  and 3DMAX. With one day left to play in the season, will El Nexo emerge victorious, or will Team Acer manage to catch them at the last second?hcl eu day 16hcl eu day 17
  • Heroes Major League EU 8th Spot Decider was set up at after one team was disqualified for a large roster change. In a very exciting finale on Sky Temple, Fnatic beat SK Gaming in one of the best competitive HotS sets to date. Congrats to Fnatic on earning their place in the Heroes Major League EU!

hml 8th spot decider

  • Heroes Major League EU Playday 1 and 2 began with El Nexo coming strong out of the gates, with a decisive victory against Team Acer. 3DMAX is off to an even better start to the season, taking wins over Beat Our BakerZ and WELL MET. Fnatic, after earning the last spot in the major league, secured their first win in a close set against the Spanish powerhouse, El Nexo.

hml eu playday 1 and 2

  • Open the Nexus #2 by moreHeroes featured 5 ANGRY BIRDS (a new team with some members from *aAa*) making a strong run to the finals. However, their dreams of winning the tournament were dashed by We Are NOT Prepared.

open the nexus 2

  • Heroes Premier League EU Qualifier #3 featured many top teams bidding for a place in the upcoming HPL Season 1. Most notably, look for WELL MET and Planetkey Dynamics in the final qualifier tournament, as both teams were merely one set away from clinching a spot. Congratulations to AFK 1 Minute, Team Dignitas, Baron 4, and 3DMAX on earning a place in the Heroes Premier League!

hpl eu qualifier 3

  • Go4Heroes EU Cup #10 had To Be Determined (formed by Shadowmare, who is no longer on WELL MET) making a stellar debut, beating some of the top teams in Europe: SK Gaming, We Are NOT Prepared, and 3DMAX. Only the power of Planetkey Dynamics was able to stop them in their tracks. WELL MET also had a good showing, beating 3DMAX for 3rd.

go4heroes eu cup 10

  • ESL EU Community Cup #23 marked an end to the reign of Circle of Mages, as they did not make an appearance. Instead, fallen Superheroes seized the opportunity to march to the finals, and claim victory over Cisi Bohaterowie Tragedii. For third place, Inglorious Falstards beat Team Kick Inc.

esl eu comm cup 23


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