Weekly Esports Roundup 1/8

North America

  • 1/4: The ESL Go4Heroes NA Weekly #5 shows a fierce final battle between Clairvoyant Gaming and Symbiote Gaming resulted in Symbiote winning it all! Congratulations to Symbiote Gaming!


  • 1/5: The ESL Go4Heroes NA Monthly Dec 2014 was the first tournament in this series. The top four teams qualified for the ESL Major League. Grats to Murlocs Inc (formerly Clairvoyant Gaming), C9 Vortex, Barrel Boys, and Symbiote Gaming for making it! C9 Vortex also moves on to take the tournament win!


  • 1/7: The Heroes Hype All-Star Brawl gave us Team Tryhard, consisting of Zuna, Arthelon, QuibsY, So1dier, and iDream, facing off against Team Beefy, which consisted of Dreadnaught, Kenma, Glaurung, Dunktrain, and BobbyHankHill. Team Tryhard took the brawl 2-0, through a nail-biting second game which left the enemy core at 1%!


  • 1/4: The ESL Go4Heroes EWeekly #5 concluded after Hotslogs Elite fought their way to the finals to face tournament-favorites, 3DMAX. 3DMAX proved that they were deserving of their number 1 seed with a convincing victory out of 64 entered teams; congratulations to Team 3DMAX!


  • 1/5: The Heroes Champion League EU S1 Day 7 ended with n!faculty, aAa, El Nexo, and SK winning their games and gaining points toward the league! El Nexo and n!faculty remain tied in first place with 15 points.



Team News

  • Curse and Liquid have combined forces! Curse’s League of Legends team will now be known as Liquid Legends. This merger establishes a strong foothold in both Starcraft 2 and League of Legends. Good luck!
  • Team Dignitas has signed their official Heroes of the Storm Roster in EU! Welcome to the Nexus!
    • Here is Team Dignitas line-up:
      • Nurok // Assassin/Specialist
      • Cris // Assassin/Warrior
      • Veineless // Support
      • Blooddragon // Warrior
      • Sailess // Assassin
  • Team Acer has signed their official Heroes of the Storm Roster in EU! Welcome to the Nexus!
    • Here’s the Team Acer line-up:
      • Artur ‘Acer | eXon’ Lerm
      • Molnár ‘Acer | Holocarantus’ Zoltán
      • Oskar ‘Acer | Zyfoh’ Bäckström
      • Nestor ‘Acer | Lotus’ Somonte Campo
      • Mitko ‘Acer | Greenout’ Terziev
  • VexX Gaming‘s Heroes of the Storm team has taken leave of VexX Gaming, citing business concerns. They are currently seeking a new home, but will still be participating in tournaments.


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