Weekly eSports Roundup 1/28

North America

  • 1/24 Heroes Premier League NA Qualifier #4 brought us the next wave of the top three teams that qualified for Season 2 of HPL. Beyond Reason, TORPEDO, Vivid Gaming were the teams that we will see compete in the upcoming months!


  • 1/24 Kings of the Storm #9 brings us more excitement on Saturday with Symbiote Gaming taking the crown again with BARRELBOYS coming in second and Murlocs Inc close behind their heels.


  • 1/25 ESL Go4Heroes Americas Cup #8 features Cloud 9 Maelstrom taking the crown with Glorious! coming a close second. ESV Wildfire and Evil Geniuses make it to the semifinals this week.


Upcoming NA Tournaments:



  • 1/22 Heroes Champion League Day 12 had some close matches, starting with SK Gaming defeating 3DMAX, and pulling ahead of them in the standings. El Nexo remain undefeated, but surprisingly last-place Ouiski Coca gave them quite the fight, forcing El Nexo to work hard for their victory.

hcl eu day 12

  • 1/25 ESL Go4Heroes Europe Cup #8 featured some familiar teams returning to the podium, with We Are NOT Prepared securing back-to-back first place finishes. For the third place match, ArthasStroitHram beat 3DMAX.HotS. Congratulations to all of these teams, we’re all excited to see the best of the best battle it out in the monthly final!go4heroes eu cup 8
  • 1/26 Heroes Champion League Day 13 began with Team Acer confirming that they, along with El Nexo, are a step ahead of Fnatic and the rest of the competition. Ouiski Coca earned their first victory against SK Gaming, but SK didn’t let that stop them from bouncing back and beating against All authority. *aAa* also came back with a vengeance, winning their second game of the day against ALTERNATE.

hcl eu day 13

  • 1/28 ESL EU Community Cup #21 brought us many great matches. Notable newcomers Circle of mages took the tournament by storm, beating big names like Team Refuse, Hotslogs Elite, Yard-Team, and  taking a 2-0 victory over Baron 4 to win their first cup. Congratulations to Circle of mages, we hope to see more of their exciting play in future cups!

esl eu comm cup 21

Upcoming EU Tournaments:

  • 1/31 Heroes Premier League EU Qualifier #3 starts at 10:00 AM EST. With half of the spots now taken, who else will qualify for the HPL EU Season 1?
  • 1/31 ESL Go4Heroes Monthly Final will feature the top teams in the European scene competing for a first place prize of $250, with the top 4 teams securing spots in the ESL Major League. This star-studded tournament also begins at 10:00 AM EST.


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