Weekly eSports Roundup 1/21

North America

  • 1/18 ESL Go4Heroes America Cup #7 ended this past Sunday, with C9 Maelstrom taking the win! Evil Geniuses took second, with 2Arc Iliad taking third. Of special note, Tychus was banned this week due to a game breaking bug involving his autoattacks and Overkill.



  • 1/19 Kings of the Storm #8 wrapped up this past Saturday, with Symbiote Gaming taking first, and proving that they’re still the team to beat. Cloud9 Vortex took a valiant second, with Murlocs, Inc. taking a solid third. Congratulations!



Upcoming Tournaments:

  • 1/24 HPL Qualifier #4 is the second-to-last chance for teams to earn a slot in the HPL. The matches begin at 2:30 EST, so don’t be late!
  • 1/24 Kings of the Storm #9 will be ongoing, with matches beginning at 1PM EST. Will Symbiote Gaming add another notch to their belt, or will they meet their match? Tune in to find out!
  • 2/8 HPL Last Chance Qualifier is the very last chance for a team to earn their slot in the HPL. We will add more information as we draw closer to the date!


  • 1/15 Heroes Champion League Day 10 had some exciting matches, with El Nexo continuing their win streak, and Team Acer nipping at their heels. 3DMAX defeated Fnatic. which allowed against All authority to pull ahead into 3rd place with their win over SK Gaming.

  • 1/17 Heroes Premier League EU Qualifier 2 was a great tournament, involving many top teams. We Are NOT Prepared and ArthasStroitHram advanced to the finals, leaving Beat our BakerZ and Ace Heaven to battle it out for 3rd place. Congrats to Beat Our BakerZ on their bronze medal finish, and we will find out if ArthasStroitHram or We Are NOT Prepared will be victorious at a later date.

hpl eu qualifier 2

  • 1/18 ESL Go4Heroes Europe Cup #7 concluded with We Are NOT Prepared taking home first place over Hotslogs Elite. In the 3rd place match, fNatic beat out Imperitum.

go4heroes eu cup 7

  • 1/19 Heroes Champion League Day 11 was a good day for Team Acer, as they took victories over Ouiski Coca and ALTERNATE. El Nexo maintains their reputation as the best team in Europe with a win over 3DMAX.

hcl eu day 11

  • 1/21 ESL EU Community Cup #20 had a few surprises in store, with notable newcomers 4 Germans + 1 beating Team Refuse to reach the finals. There, they met tough opposition in the form of Beat Our BakerZ, who put an end to their Cinderella story. Team Refuse went on to the 3rd place match, where they suffered another tough loss at the hands of Baron 4.

esl eu comm cup 20

Upcoming Tournaments:

  • 1/25 ESL Go4Heroes Europe Cup #8 is sure to have more exciting matches as the top European teams battle it out. The first round matches begin at 11:00 EST.
  • 1/22 HCL Day 12 gives against All authority a grudge match against El Nexo. Will El Nexo continue to be undefeated? Find out at 2:30 EST.


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