Weekly eSports Recap 5/5

North America

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  • Go4Heroes Americas Cup #22 had plenty of high-quality teams in the mix.  Murloc Geniuses, now playing under the name Zeveron, advanced to the finals to face Shot and the Bullets: Reloaded. SABR pulled off a 2-0 victory, and earned themselves a sponsorship off the back of their tournament victory. Congratultions to Cognitive Gaming on their win!

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  • Go4Heroes Americas Monthly Final – April gathered the top scoring teams for a high-profile showdown. Zeveron pushed hard for the championship, but compLexity seems to have shaken the funk they were in, as they ended up taking home the grand prize.

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  • Nexus Mayhem Week 1 debuted the amateur tournament run by NAeSport.com. There were some great matches and interesting team compositions, including an Azmodan pick! Ultimately, the Kappa Wolves proved to be deserving of their #1 seed, as they did not drop a single map all tournament.

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  • ESL NA Major League Season 2 had some of the closest matches yet, and some rare hero picks! Shot and the COGs:Renamed took compLexity to game 3 but lost.  We witnessed a battle of unbeatens: Cloud 9 Maelstrom vs. 2ARC Gaming. Maelstrom’s record will remain flawless as they fended off 2ARC. Tempo Storm took an interesting win against coL with clever usage of Abathur play. coL responded with an Arthas pick for game 3, but could not seem to make much use of the Lich King, as T/S emerged victorious.

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  • ESL EU Major League Season 2 has suffered another setback, as Team Acer dropped out due to too many roster changes. Unfortunately, it is too late into the season to find a replacement, so they will simply forfeit the remainder of their matches. However, there were still plenty of great matches this week, including Fnatic’s Stitches pulverizing LDLC, two heroes at a time, with the Shish Kabob talent.

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  • Go4Heroes Europe Monthly Final – April featured many of the up-and-coming European teams fighting for fame and fortune.  Team Fancy had a rough bracket ahead of them, but had the skills and adaptation to edge out 2-1 victories over Dignitas, MadCorps, and Imaginary Gaming.

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  • Go4Heroes Europe Cup #22 brought us a couple of massive upsets. VermitraX, a newly formed team with a roster of former pro players, took a shocking win over Na’Vi in the semifinals. On the other side of the bracket, we saw NEXT, a team that doesn’t even have a logo, let alone a sponsor, defeat Gamers2. The two unlikely finalists fought well, but it was NEXT who went home with the title.

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  • Enter the Storm 2 Qualifier #3 gave LDLC a shot at redemption for their second place finish last week. This time, they took full advantage of their place in the finals, and secured themselves a spot in the playoffs with a 2-0 win over Synergyc.

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  • Enter the Storm 2 Qualifier #4 occurred the following day, giving some new  teams the chance to rise into the playoffs. WELL MET showed some improvement by reaching the semifinals, where they were shut down by ESC Gaming. ESC then went on to claim first place against Dignitas.

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  • Friday Night Fights was a bit of a mismatch this week. ALTERNATE showed signs of making a comeback at times, but throughout all three games, it was clear that ESC was able to outdraft and outplay their opponents.


  • ZOTAC Cup #7 had a couple of elite teams entering the lists: Team Liquid and Natus Vincere. Unsurprisingly, the two powerhouses squared off in the finals, where Liquid was able to triumph in a close 2-1 set.

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  • ZOTAC Cup Monthly Final #2 had much fiercer competition for TL and Na’Vi to fight through, but both teams rose to the challenge. No, you’re not seeing a glitch in the Matrix; the finals for the ZOTAC Cup and Monthly Final were identical. Team Liquid once again claimed the prize money with a 2-1 win over Na’Vi.

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  • OGSeries PyP League had La Once continuing their winning ways with a victory over Uchini Warriors. Miley Cyrus Doomhammer came in like a wrecking ball, but were wrecked by RetriBOTion.

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  • Storm League Playoffs concluded by breaking everyone’s expectations. EDward Gaming were sent to the loser’s bracket by eStar after being the first team to take a map victory against them. Brave Heart then came up with a big 2-0 upset over EDG to advance to the grand finals. However, once the set began, it became apparent that eStar was out of Brave Heart’s league. In what can only be described as a stomp, eStar secured their victory in 3-0 fashion, establishing themselves as the team to beat in the Asian scene.

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  • GPL Preseason continues on, giving us a chance to see how some other Asian teams stack up against the best of the Storm League. AgFox tried their hand at EDG, but were unable to win a map. Similarly, Brave Heart was powerless against the might of eStar. Will EDG be able to defeat their indomitable rivals, eStar? Found out next week!

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