Weekly eSports Recap 4/7

North America

  • HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 7 was casted by Gillyweed and AnnaProsser. We would like to extend our thanks to all the players and viewers for joining us in another fantastic tournament. Flick of the Wrist is a relatively new team who had a great showing last Wednesday, advancing all the way to the finals. However, they proved no match for Goat Gaming, who claimed their second Amateur Series victory in a row.

hh amateur series w7

  • Go4Heroes Americas Monthly Final – March featured the top scoring teams from the Go4Heroes series duking it out for $250. Goat Gaming tried to ride the momentum off of their Amateur Series victory into the finals, but were beaten 2-0 by Cloud9 Vortex.

esl na monthly march

  • Go4Heroes Americas Cup #18 had a couple of pros in disguise, looking to claim first place under new banners. Former members of Evil Geniuses and Murlocs Inc. combined forces to become Murloc Geniuses. Shot and the Bullets: Reloaded, having just parted ways with the Lunatik Esports organization, won their first victory with their new identity.

go4heroes na cup 18

  • ESL NA Major League Relegations were held to determine the final spot in the majors. Shot and his bullets proved that they were locked, loaded, and ready to wreck their opponents, ESV Wildfire. SABR made quick work of their opponents, with a crushing 3-0 victory, the longest game lasting only 14 minutes. C9M, T/S, 2Arc, coL, SABR, C9V, GG, and The Rising Taquitos. Who will start out Season 2 the strongest? Find out this Thursday by tuning in to twitch.tv/esl_heroes!

esl na s2 teams



  • ESL EU Major League Playoffs had their exciting conclusion on Wednesday, to crown the first ever ESL champions. The Grand finals were a repeat of the Winner’s finals: LDLC versus Gamers2. In yet another close set, LDLC closed out the season with a narrow 3-2 victory over Gamers2. Congratulations to LDLC on this major win, and we look forward to seeing what these teams can do in season 2!

esl eu s1 playoffsFinal

  • Defeat the Nexus #1 gathered the best German talent around to see who would emerge victorious. Team Dignitas and ESC Gaming were clear favorites heading in to the tournament, so it should come as no surprise that the two faced off in the finals. Team Dignitas’ performance was sehr gut, as they took a solid 2-0 victory.

defeat the nexus 1

  • Gamers Assembly 2015 brought teams together for a live event in France. LDLC was the only Major League team to make the journey, but the competition was by no means lacking. Madcorps gave LDLC a run for their money in the finals, but LDLC took a 3-1 victory in one of the first ever HotS LAN events.

gamers assembly 1

  • Random Team Cup #6 creates randomized teams of Russian players for a fun, easy-going weekly tournament series. Congratulations on a successful broadcast to Tavern of Heroes, we commend them on their great work with the European amateur scene.

random team cup 6

  • GosuCup Enter the Storm Qualifier #4 was the final chance for teams to qualify for the Enter The Storm Finals. compLexity gaming was a set away from being the only North American team to qualify, but Gryphus proved to be too much for coL to handle. Gryphus earned their spot in the finals, then went on to lost against Stigma! 2-0. These two teams will join Fnatic, Na’Vi, SK Gaming, Team Liquid, Gamers2, and Dignitas in a single elimination bracket this Saturday.

gosucup qualifier 4

  • ZOTAC Cup #4 had one of the most interesting sets to date. Sailor Senshi reached the finals because of an unfortunate disconnect from fNatic (and an even more unfortunate lack of a pause feature), so Team Liquid knew what they had to do: pick Murky!

zotac cup 4

  • Go4Heroes Europe Monthly Final – March on the other hand had a much more intense competition as early as the quarter finals. Na’Vi versus Team Kick Inc. on Sky Temple is the Hype Match of the Week, so be sure to catch all the action in Khaldor‘s recap video. Team Fancy went on to win in the finals, scoring themselves $250.

esl eu monthly march

  • Go4Heroes Europe Cup #18 featured a much more dominant Natus Vincere, as they marched straight to through some of the most seasoned teams Europe has to offer: Team Liquid and Gamers2. They capped off their weekend with a 2-0 victory in the finals against Gryphus.

go4heroes eu cup 18

  • ESL EU Major League Relegations had teams fighting to earn or keep their spots in the ESL Major League. ESC Gaming will be making the move up to join WELL MET and Team Acer HotS in Season 2, which starts this Thursday.

esl eu s1 relegation



  • Storm League Week 4 has given eStar Gaming and EDward Gaming an opportunity to pull ahead of the pack, as both teams now boast flawless 4-0 records in the league.

cn storm league w4


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