Weekly eSports Recap 4/28

North America

  • HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 10 was casted by Gillyweed, AnnaProsser, and InimicalGG, and Mehsiah. Despite technical difficulties involving a radio-style cast from Mehsiah, we powered through and witnessed some wonderful matches. Wild Growth and Lzuruha faced off in the semi finals once again, but Lzuruha turned the tables and won a 2-0 victory. They went on to lose a close set against Goon Squad, who earned their second title as the top amateur team.

hhas 10 copy

  • Heroes of the Dorm Finals took place in Los Angeles, and it was apparent that the best of the best had emerged to compete for their college tuition in front of a live audience. The finals came down to the two favorites, UC Berkely and Arizona State. The grand finals, which was broadcast live on ESPN2, was a back-and-forth set for the ages. It went all the way to Game 5, which was our Hype match of the week.
    • Berkeley used their first pick on Illidan, followed by Jaina, Tassadar, E.T.C., and Rehgar. ASU responded with Sylvanas, Brightwing, Diablo, Tyrande, and The Lost Vikings.
    • In the early game, ASU was very much in the driver’s seat as Sylvanas took down tower after tower, while the Vikings denied Berkeley from capturing both shrines. As it moved into the mid game, ASU shifted their focus towards controlling the Dragon Knight, but ultimately it did not take down as many structures as they would have liked.
    • Moving into the late game, ASU worked the map objectives in their favor to bring a Dragon Knight to their opponent’s mid keep. After the keep went down, Berkeley answered back with a massive Stage Dive + Metamorphosis wombo combo. ASU still maintained the dominant position, until they had a lack of coordination which ultimately cost them the game: the Dream Team decided to Hearthstone back to base, but Diablo and Tyrande were a little slow with their B buttons, and were picked off by Berkeley. Berkeley then smelled blood in the water, and used a Dragon Knight of their own to push relentlessly all the way to the enemy core.


Congratulations to the Golden Bears, and to all of the teams involved, for making this such an exciting and monumental event to witness.


  • Lords of the Lane 2v2 brought even more variety to the NA scene with another single-lane competition. This time, players paired up to compete in a 2v2 tournament. Shot and the Bullets: Reloaded had two teams entered, but unfortunately one team was not available. SABR’s other squad, however, proved their worth as Major League players by winning the finals against Provoked Gaming without losing a single map all tournament.

lotl copy

  • Go4Heroes Americas Cup #21 featured much tougher competition than last week, with 3 of the 4 semifinalists being in the majors. Tempo Storm was consistent with the high-level play we have come to expect from them, as they beat compLexity 2-1.

na go4 cup 21 copy


  • ESL NA Major League Season 2 has continued making up for lost ground with the disbanding of Goat Gaming. Their replacements, ESV Wildfire, have become Stellar Lotus, a new brand started by Jesse Cox. They were given a harsh welcome to the season with a beatdown from Tempo Storm. In a much closer set, 2ARC was able to squeeze out a 2-1 victory over Cloud 9 Vortex.

na esl



  • ESL EU Major League Season 2 has caught up to schedule, and Gamers2 has shouldered their way up to the number one spot, winning their first three games without losing a single map. On the other end of the spectrum, LDLC is still struggling to get things going, as they lost yet again, this time in a 2-1 set against Team Acer.

eu esl major copy

  • Dreamhack Bucharest PGL Championship was the first big live event for the EU scene, which gave teams a chance to prove themselves in a double-elimination bracket. Team Liquid played like a team possessed, and seemed to be in their element playing in front of a live audience. They dominated the entire tournament with their Sgt. Hammer play, losing only a single map in the finals to Gamers2.

dh copy

  • Enter the Storm 2 Qualifier #2 had teams looking for one of the twelve spots in the upcoming ETS2 tournament. LDLC seemed to be the favorites, but Team ALTERNATE snatched the victory from their grasp, winning the finals in a 2-1 set.

ets 2 copy


  • Matcharena #1 premiered the German tournament series, and had a pretty strong showing. Na’Vi seemed poised to take the tournament, but they were outdone in the finals by ESC Gaming.

match copy

  • OGSeries PyP League had La Once continuing their winning ways with a victory over OverWooden. Miley Cyrus Doomhammer came in like a wrecking ball, but were wrecked by Uchini Warriors.

pyp copy



  • Storm League Playoffs is now well underway, and the top teams, eStar and EDWard Gaming, continue their inexorable advance towards a showdown in the finals. Will eStar maintain their Zen mindset and their flawless record? Find out next week!

sl copy

  • Goldseries Premier League Preseason launched with some new Asian teams taking the field. Unfortunately, none of them could measure up to the familiar teams of EDG, BHeart, and eStar. We look forward to seeing which teams will make it out into the GPL Season 1.

gpl copy

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