Weekly eSports Recap 4/14

North America

  • HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 8 was casted by Gillyweed and AnnaProsser. Shoutouts to HotSFinn for hopping on the mic to help cast while Anna was searching for the Lost Vikings. We had another great turnout as the sixteen teams duked it out for pride, glory, and stream time! Kappa Wolves brought some particularly stellar play to reach the finals in their amateur series debut. There, they were stopped dead in their tracks by Wild Growth, who are no strangers to the podium at this point. Thanks again to all of our participants, we’ll see you next Wednesday!

na hh amateur series w8

  • Heroes of the Dorm was an absolute blast, broadcasting collegiate Heroes action on ESPN3. The Hype match of the week goes to Kansas State Wildcats vs. Cal Berkeley Golden Bears, with high-level players Fan from C9 Vortex and Pandajigu from Packet Loss.
    • Game 1 on Cursed Hallow hotd game 1

    • Berkely dominated the game from the get-go, and never gave Kansas State a chance to get back in the game. They accumulated a three level lead on the Wildcats, and capped off their win with a 5 man wipe into a Curse, Boss capture, and Core destruction.

    • Game 2 on Sky Temple hotd game 2
    • The Golden Bears again outclassed their opponents with superior teamwork and game sense. They timed their power spikes better, and won a decisive teamfight to take bot and mid keeps rather early on. Berkeley moved methodically throughout the map, taking objectives including the Boss before moving in for the final push.  In strikingly similar fashion to game 1, Berkeley destroyed the Core with a 20 to 17 level lead.


  • Friday Night Fights was an exciting best of five showmatch of the highest calibur: compLexity vs. Cloud 9 Vortex. Special guest NickHotS was there to help cover all of the action. In the end, it was C9V who took home the prize money with a narrow 3-2 victory.

na fnf 1

  • Go4Heroes Americas Cup #19 featured top-notch competition, and perhaps one of the biggest upsets to date. Major League newcomers Shot and the Bullets: Reloaded (SABR) earned first place by taking a 2-1 victory over the heavy favorites, Tempo Storm.

na go4heroes 19 copy

  • ESL NA Major League Season 2 has kicked off to a great start. As expected, Cloud 9 Maelstrom has started the season with 2 wins in 2 weeks. Tempo Storm is also on par, taking victories over SABR and The Rising Taquitos. The mixture of old talent and new blood led to some interesting hero choices (including Murky!) so be sure to tune in for more exciting action as the season continues.

na esl majors s2w1 copy


  • ESL EU Major League Season 2 was delayed due to an Internet connection problem in the ArthasStroitHram vs. Team Liquid match. This match was to decide the final relegation for the major leagues. TL unfortunately had to play with 2 subs, as well as their player Blackscorp losing his connection, so ASH claimed the last spot in the majors. Connection problems abounded in the league play as well, so we will get back to you with an update on Weeks 1 and 2 once everything gets sorted out.


  • Go4Heroes Europe Cup #19 had over 60 teams with their eyes on the prize money. WELL MET had a tough bracket ahead of them, but ended up defeating ArthasStroitHram, Kick Inc., and Gryphus without losing a single game. This is the most significant win for WELL MET in recent memory, so congraulations to them on rising from the ashes!

eu go4heroes 19

  • OGSeries HeroesWar #2 was a Spanish tournament that set out to find which equipo would become el campeón. La ONCE claimed a 2-0 victory over Synergyc in the finals.


  • DingIt Heroes 4 Team Invitational brought together some of the best teams around for a round robin. Unfortunately, the final match between fNatic and SK has been postponed, but fortunately the winner has already been decided. Team Liquid defeated SK, Gamers2, and Fnatic, ensuring themselves the first place finish.

eu dingit invitational copy


  • ZOTAC Cup #5 featured Team Kick Inc. at the absolute top of their game. They pulled off an upset against LDLC in the semifinals, then went on to defeat ASH in a close 2-1 set.

eu zotac cup 5

  • GosuCup Enter the Storm Finals gathered the qualifying teams for a double-elimination tournament to see who would be crowned champion. The only North American team, compLexity, was swiftly eliminated by losing to Stigma! and SK Gaming. Team Liquid, on the other hand, was an unstoppable force. They propelled themselves to the Grand Finals, to face off against Gamers2. G2 had clawed their way back through the Loser’s Bracket for a grudge match in the finals, but the result was the same: TL on top. A flawless 3-0 victory cemented Liquid’s dominant performance in the first ever GosuCup.

gosucup finals



  • Storm League Week 5 has concluded the group stage, with 2 clear favorites. The undefeated EDward Gaming and eStar Gaming will be moving on to the playoffs. There, they will be joined by 6 of the other top teams in a double elimination tournament.

storm league s1w5 copy


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