Weekly eSports Recap 3/5

North America

hh amateur series w3

hpl na s2w1

  • Go4Heroes Americas Cup #13 had the Happy Faerie Dragons as the story of the tournament, taking wins over some of the top NA teams to achieve a second place finish. Ultimately, it was the B A R R E L B O Y S who won yet another cup.

go4heroes na cup 13

  • Titan Arena was a grueling tournament with many great teams. Unsurprisngly, Tempo Storm marched their way to the finals to face the second seed, Cloud 9 Maelstrom. Surprisingly, C9M took the win in an exciting Game 5.

titan arena na

  • ESL NA Community Cup #5 had more entrants than ever before, after returning from a long break. The Nexus Globetrotters almost took their second tournament win of the week, but were bested by You Forced My Hand.

esl na comm cup 5

  • Heroes Major League NA Playday 5 featured B A R R E L B O Y S continuing their 5 game winning streak in a close 2-1 match against LunatiK eSports. Tempo Storm was forced to play with a substitute player, and unfortunately lost their first game of the season to 2arc Iliad. Murlocs Inc claimed victory over Evil Geniuses, which put the two teams in a threeway tie for fourth place, alongside Cloud 9 Maelstrom.

hml na playday 5


  • Heroes Premier League EU Season 2 Week 1 kicked off with Team Acer, WELL MET, Baron 4, MouseSports, and EYES ON U all earning their first wins of the new season. One name may seem out of place in Group 2: Gamers2. Gamers2 is the new name for 3DMAX, the team who beat TempoStorm and defended the European region from the Tempo Storm onslaught.

hpl eu s2w1

  • ESL EU Community Cup #26 was taken by MadCorps-eSports, who are no strangers to the higher end of  the Community Cup bracket. Congratulations to them, and their opponents Free Agents Yo, who had no easy task reaching the final match.

esl eu comm cup 26

  • HCL Playoffs concluded with Gamers2 (formerly 3DMAX) taking a resounding 3-0 victory over the Spanish Armada, El NeXo. Congratulations to the Polish team for their first big win under their new name!

hcl eu playoffs

  • Go4Heroes Europe Cup #13 had many top teams participating, including Gamers2. They found themselves unable to beat Team Tomorrow Big, a relatively new team which has propelled themselves into the top 5 on Stormcraft‘s global team ranking.

go4heroes eu cup 13

  • ESL EU Monthly Final – February gave the top scoring teams from the Go4Heroes series a chance to battle it out for $250. The top two teams also have a spot in the Major League relegation round. Congratulations to ArthasStroitHram and runners up Yard-Team on their qualification, we look forward to seeing what they can do in the relegation!

esl eu monthly feb

  • Heroes Major League EU Playday 5 had an exciting and important match between the two undefeated teams, LDLC and Gamers2. Gamers2 emerged victorious, securing themselves the top spot in the league going into the penultimate week. In a bizarre turn of events, both of these teams are scheduled to play against El NeXo, but El NeXo has decided to forfeit their remaining games, for unknown reasons.

hml eu playday 5


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